2019 Fast 50 nominees announced

The fastest growing tech companies in Belgium

Company name
@iPower Gregory Liénard Deurne
AppTweak Olivier Verdin Brussels
Arkite Johan Smeyers Genk
Auctelia Olivier Maton Mont-Saint-Guibert
Citymesh Mitch De Geest Bruges
Codabox Marie Costers Leuven
Cogengreen Jean Mentior Gembloux
Collibra Felix van de Maele Brussels
Connecting Expertise Peter De Buck Antwerp
Connective Nicolas Metivier Antwerp
CrazyGames Raf Martens Leuven
DX-Solutions Xavier Dekeyster Harelbeke
Ecerium Mark Ongena Kessel
Efficy Cédric Pierrard Brussels
Elysia Francois Moonen Angleur
Eyesee Olivier Tilleuil Ghent
FleetMaster Frederik De Witte Ghent
Flexmail Frederik Poelman Genk
Globis Karel Van den Berghe Aalst
Guardsquare Heidi Rakels Leuven
iBanFirst Jeroen Hoevers Brussels
intoPIX Gaël Rouvroy Mont-Saint-Guibert
Intracto Pieter Janssens Herentals
intuo Tim Clauwaert Ghent
Lansweeper Dave Goossens Grembergen
LayerWise Andrew Johnson Leuven
LESCAV Francois Leroy Liège
Level27 Peter Fastré Bilzen
LISAM Systems Michel Hemberg Ecaussines
Look And Fin Frédéric Lévy Morelle Brussels
Medenvision Wouter Foulon Aarschot
Mithra Pharmaceuticals François Fornieri Liège
ML6 Nicolas Deruytter Ghent
Monizze Jean-Louis Van Houwe Brussels
nrgfin Ilse Melotte Herk-de-Stad
Octinion Tom Coen Leuven
Ontoforce Hans Constandt Zwijnaarde
Primento Digital Thibault Leonard Brussels
ProDigest Massimo Marzorati Zwijnaarde
Proxyclick Gregory Blondeau Brussels
Qualifio Olivier Simonis Louvain-la-Neuve
Robovision Jonathan Berte Antwerp
Sentiance Toon Vanparys Antwerp
Showpad Pieterjan Bouten Ghent
Silverfin Joris Van Der Gucht Ghent
Sortlist Thibaut Vanderhofstadt Wavre
Step-Up Consulting Evert Verlinden Leuven
Suivo Dirk Lambrechts Edegem
Sync Solutions  Maxime Pourre Brussels
THEO Technologies Steven Tielemans Leuven
2019 Fast 50 nominees Belgium

About Deloitte's Technology Fast 50

Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 competition is aimed at fast-growing technology companies that have their headquarters in Belgium. Given their significant role as drivers of future growth, these companies deserve special recognition and support – and that is exactly what the competition is designed to provide.

Participating in the Technology Fast 50 competition can help companies to develop their business by increasing their visibility and giving them access to the Fast 50’s unique network of highly successful executives.

The 2019 Belgian Deloitte Technology Fast 50 competition is being organised in partnership with our partners Fortino, NetSuite and Vlerick Business School. 

For more information about Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50, send an email to the Fast 50 team at

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