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In 2020, the Belgian start- and scale-ups that won Deloitte Technology Fast 50 awards displayed particularly strong revenue growth. So, what’s the secret to their success? In this podcast series industry experts and some of the country’s most notable entrepreneurs share their growth stories and hands-on advice.

#1 Innovation: “Bringing a new concept to market requires determination.”

proUnity achieved revenue growth of over 80,000% over the past four years. With that incredible result, the HR tech company effortlessly took first place in Deloitte's 2020 Technology Fast 50.

Together with Heidi Rakels , winner of the Fast 50 in 2018, the proud CEO David Muyldermans unravels the success of proUnity. "For me, innovation is first and foremost being different and doing better than others.”

#2 Corporate culture: “A responsible team is the absolute weapon against micromanagement.”

“The result of hard work, this award notably recognises Granutools’ strong corporate culture, which helped us achieve 506.03% growth.” 

With François Moonen, winner of the Fast 50 in 2019, Filip Francqui, Managing Director Granutools, lifts the veil on corporate culture, an essential lever of growth. A culture that starts with a simple rule. 

#3 Talent: “I see many people questioning their careers, do they like what they do?” 

With four nominations in a row and turnover growth of 315%, EyeSee from Ghent was crowned the winner in the category Most Sustainable Growth. 

Together with tech entrepreneur Omar Mohout, advisor to numerous start-ups, Joris De Bruyne of EyeSee discusses the importance of talent management in the growth journey of his scale-up. "The pool of people who really make a difference is small. The war for talent has just started.”

#4 Sustainable growth: “Our company has the ambition to set a global standard.”

With two consecutive wins in the Fintech category and growth of almost 700%, Ghent-based Silverfin is a justified winner in Deloitte's Technology Fast 50. 

In this podcast, co-CEO Joris Van Der Gucht and Sam Sluismans, Fast 50 programme leader at Deloitte, set out to find the recipe for sustainable growth for start- and scale-ups. "Start-ups are sometimes so busy with their technology that they lose sight of what the customer really needs.”

#5 Financing: “Entrepreneurs often undervalue their product and set the price too low.”

Finding money and making money are essential for any business. "There are investors I have met with 10 times," says Leslie Cottenjé. "But you should never take a ‘no’ personally."

Together with Duco Sickinghe, Managing Partner at Fortino Capital, the CEO of Hello Customer, a Fast 50 winner with 1,601.97% growth, discusses financing, from the relationship with investors to valuing the product. 

#6 Agility: “Without structure in your organisation there’s friction and you lose speed.”

How much structure does an organisation need? At what point in the growth curve? And has business today become the “survival of the most flexible”?

Together with Veroniek Collewaert, professor of entrepreneurship at Vlerick Business School, Hans Danneels, CEO of Byteflies, discusses the balance between “bureaucracy” and agility of a scale-up in full growth. "Starters like to do things quickly, but that should not become an excuse to keep working in chaos.”

#7 Innovation: "When innovating it’s important to combine two worlds: market and technology.”

With extraordinary growth—over 2,200%—the scale-up Urbantz, developer of an all-in-one last-mile delivery management technology, won third place in the 2020 Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

In this podcast, Jonathan Weber, co-founder and CEO of Urbantz, and Claire Bassil, Manager Internet of Things at Deloitte, talk about the future of mobility. His secret? Listening to customers, dealing with the field, and the ability to evolve, in particular. Because innovating does not always mean invention.

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