Meet the Rising Star and Most Disruptive Innovator nominees  

Companies that have been active in the technology sector for less than four years are featured in the Rising Star category. On 22 September 104 Rising Star applicants made a first pitch in front of a jury of Deloitte industry experts. These 10 companies made it to the finals and are invited for a final pitch on 25 November.

Blendr is a powerful, hyper-scalable and secure integration platform (iPaaS) for SaaS companies. Create integrations with the Blend Editor, embed them in the UI of your platform, enable self-service activation and centrally manage your customers.

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Epic Blue

Epic Blue started with a focus on Workforce support and Location Intelligence. They developed and launched several solutions for field support. Based on business conversations they found the untapped potential for an accurate positioning system for GPS-denied environments. For the last three years, they developed a solution based on sensor fusion & machine learning technology, called Shyn. It’s a robust wearable, designed in partnership with imec, that spearheads their technology into any operational environment. The first version of the wearable ‘Shyn’ will be released end 2020. 

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Our services are focused on epilepsy. We offer 3 different solutions. Epilog PreOp provides an efficient analysis of long-term EEG recordings and HD-EEG recordings in the preoperative work-up, including electrical source imaging for the localization of the irritative zone. Epilog DX is focused on making the analysis of 24 hours or overnight EEG recordings more approachable and less time consuming. Our services for industry are dedicated to clinical trials, offering our biomarkers to de-risk them. For academia we offer our research services that our tailor made to the needs of the study.

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Inmanta NV is a spin-off company of the University of Leuven (KU Leuven, Belgium), emerging from the imec-DistriNet Research Group. The company is founded in 2016 by 3 entrepreneurs –PhDs incomputer science –and prof. Wouter Joosen. The automation software of Inmanta is based on maturetechnology backed by 10+ years of research and interaction with companies offering cloud and telecom services. Leading telecom and communication service providers rely on Inmanta’s software to deliver mission-critical services, beef up their automation process, increase operational efficiency, and to guide them through their transformation journey. 

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Intigriti connects Europe's largest network of international ethical hackers and security researchers with organizations around the globe. Our platform enables businesses to effectively implement continuous security testing for numerous assets, with the help of a scalable custom crowd of security researchers that fits the needs. Reporting is done in a secure and structured way, generating actionable data that can be seamlessly implemented in development cycles. Incoming testing results are validated by a team of security professionals that provide assistance throughout the journey.

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SmartEnds (BrighterBins)

BrighterBins' Smart Platform brings connected, high availability and scalable solution specifically designed for urban waste management. It helps accelerate the business decisions necessary to optimize waste management tasks. Sensors installed on bins send data to an intelligent and powerful cloud-based platform via the Sigfox, NBIoT and LoRaWAN network.

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TechWolf aims to give HR teams the tools required to take on new and complex challenges, so their strategies benefit the individual as well as the entire organisation. We empower organisations to take on the future of work. 

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ThreeFold Tech

ThreeFold was founded in late 2018 with a purpose to empower sovereignty, equality and sustainability through technology for the benefit of humanity and our planet. The internet and the digital infrastructure serving the internet, is the substrate to this digital economy. We are all digital citizens and the extent of digitisation in our daily lives will only increase day by day. An internet economy founded on sovereignty, equality and sustainability needs a truly decentralised, peer to peer and autonomous architecture is the only way we can meet this mandate. This is ThreeFold.

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ValCUN is a young dynamic tech start-up developing a new & disruptive metal 3D printing technology. Our mindset and hunger for technology & innovation allowed us to take the risk to re-think current state-of-the-art technology. By tackling their major shortcomings, ValCUN allows 3D printing in mass production and outside capital-intensive industries.ValCUN aims for fast and affordable metal 3D printing, enabling mass production.

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WeGroup was founded in 2017 with the goal to help insurance intermediaries worldwide to better connect with their growing group of digital customers. They created an application of data analytics and robotic automation within the conservative insurance industry. 

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Rising Star process

  • Preselection: all Rising Star applicants are invited for a pre-pitch on 13 October 2020. The jury, made up of Deloitte industry leaders, presided by Duco Sickinghe of Fortino, will select 10 Rising Star candidates based on company data and the pre-pitch. The selected companies will be announced at the end of October.
  • Pitch: the 10 Rising Stars that are preselected will present a two-minute pitch in front of the external Rising Star jury on 26 November. The Rising Star jury will deliberate and announce the Rising Star and Most Disruptive Innovator during the Awards Ceremony.

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