Implementing BI in an ERP environment

4 “musts” to increase your chances for success

Imagine an organization who migrates its legacy applications to an ERP system with standardized processes along the organization or is replacing and fine-tuning its current ERP environment.
BI already exists in the organization but is diffused over different user groups and processes and over different technologies, systems and data warehouses.
It is advisable that the new ERP processes will be supported by a new corporate BI reporting system.
There are several aspects where it can go wrong and what can go wrong when starting to introduce BI within the organization.
Implementing BI in an ERP environment will force you to clearly take position on 4 important BI “Musts”. This will significantly increase the chance to be successful with the launch of your BI environment through the organization:

  1. Clear sponsorship of the BI strategy at senior management level
  2. Close the GAP between operation tactical and strategic level
  3. Get the basics right
  4. Iterative development approach
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