Qatar National Convention Center

Phygital Experiences 

The solution created for QNCC provides visitors with high-tech applications to discover the QNCC building and its facilities in a fun and educational way. The two interactive gesture walls were created to attract people’s attention inviting them to learn more about the famous venue.

Phygital Experiences - Qatar National Convention Center

A unique installation

The two video wall were installed on both side of the main hall. Each of them were composed of 27 HD screens, with a total length of 2 X 9 meters.  As always, the native resolution of the screens was respected. This resulted in a massive resolution of 12240 X 2304 pixels, all pictures being generated real-time.

The computers were securely installed in a temperature controlled server room. This room being quite far from the video walls, optical fiber cables were installed for the best picture quality.

On top of each wall, 3 depth sensing cameras were installed to cover the full area in front of the screens, allowing the detection of walking visitors.

Innovative software

The key to a successful gesture application is its intuitive nature. The passer-by needs to receive an immediate feedback that he can interact with the video wall. As soon as someone enters the interactive zone, body shapes are transposed into creative swarms. Every single passer-by generates its own swarm flow that meets other existing and moving swarms. This leads to unconstrained creativity and highly colorful surprising results.

In the background, a replica of the QNCC has been entirely digitalized into a 3D model. As the user stops in front of the wall, it pops-up an interactive menu, inviting visitors to interact and learn more about various topics such as the Qatar Foundation or the QNCC itself. By choosing any of these topics, the user have the opportunity to receive immediate data, facts and news on the selected subject.


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