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Deloitte Digital - Innovathon 2015

The idea-generating event organized by Deloitte Digital for talented students 

On May 9, Deloitte Digital organised their first Innovathon: Students faced an 8-hour innovation challenge. Three categories were awarded for the best ideas.

Innovathon - Aftermovie

Best business idea: Instaccount

Familiar with the problem of splitting up the common costs during a trip or a night out with friends? That problem will soon be over if it depends on the team that won this category. Instaccount is an application that will put this issue in the past.

A temporary account is created where everyone puts a certain amount of money on. Every mutual cost is then paid through that account, and the remaining money will be distributed back to all members.

The jury unanimous agreed to award this idea with the Best Business Idea.

Best creative idea: My Homie

Nowadays people have more on their mind then ever. Forgetting things is an everyday struggle.

Forgetting if the oven is turned off, if the front door is locked, if the windows are closed… is a problem everyone can relate to. To hand people a tool to check this from a distance, a team created a tool called My Homie.

It relies on the Internet of things and has cameras and a drone installed to check your house through your smartphone or wearable.

A great idea, that won the prize for best creative idea.

Best technical idea: Mi Casa

Remember the hailstorm a few months ago?

It brought a lot of discomfort to families and businesses and cost a lot of money to the insurance companies and economy. Nobody benefitted from it. One team created a solution to prevent this damage to cars in the future.

There are self-driving cars, and will be more of them in the future. These cars can park themselves in your garage if Mi Casa receives notification of bad weather.

This idea deserved its place as the best technical idea.

Best overall idea: My Butler

Adapting the house for elderly, to avoid depression of lonely people and make it safer.

That is the number one mission of My Butler. It has a community allowing it to decrease loneliness. As it is linked to a TV, which is linked to the smartphone of loved ones through an app, it helps the elderly stay connected to family.

The butler also has apps to keep her exercising. Also connected to this is an emergency bracelet. The house can be adapted to shutdown oven/lights/radio when no motion is detected.

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