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KBC - Smart Branch & Smart Marketing

Reconnecting the physical and digital worlds to provide a distinctive omni-channel customer experience

In our ever-faster and changing digital world, companies must offer outstanding digital services. At the same time, physical touch points cannot be neglected as they offer a face-to-face interaction still essential for clients. Based on this double situation, firms have no choice but to offer consistency across their different channels (digital and physical).

To bridge the gap between those two worlds Deloitte Digital and KBC worked together to develop a great experiment : the Smart Branch concept.

KBC - Smart Branch

Take advantage of the two worlds...

Well aware of the importance of these two worlds, KBC wanted to position itself in the market as a ‘warm’ and ‘local anchored’ bank by putting a high focus on customer intimacy within its different channels.

Within this context, the Bank focused on continuous end-to-end guidance of visitors (from hello to goodbye) in local branches, with the ultimate goal to boost customer satisfaction and customer intimacy.

This is where the "KBC Smart Concept" experiment all started...

... to offer your customer great experience ...

To meet this objective, Deloitte Digital and KBC co-created the Smart Branch concept and developed a strategic framework to operate a digital transformation of the branches.    

In a two months timespan, a Smart Branch proof of concept has been developed in Agile / SCRUM mode, resulting in an Android and iPhone app for customers and an iPad app for the branches. These applications include iBeacon interaction in the branch to deliver a personalized onsite experience.

Based on user testing with clients and employees, the Smart Branch concept revealed to be a tremendous success. Therefore a roadmap for further roll-out of Smart Branches was developed and is currently being executed. In a first phase, KBC has opened six Smart Branches end of 2014 across Flanders.


... and differentiate from competition

Key to building awareness around the existence of the Smart Branch, and to have people download the app, an experimental Smart Marketing campaign has been set up. New, innovative and exclusive functionalities were added to the application in order to improve the experience at major KBC sponsored events.

Hence, more than 1.000 branded iBeacons are distributed for personal use (e.g. to find your wallet or keys), in order to ensure the ‘stickiness’ of the app on people’s smartphones.

Furthermore, the app has additional features such as a buddy finder to locate your friends easily during the events.

In the end, this experiment has offered the bank a new communication channel with (potential) clients which can as such be encouraged to visit Smart Branches, in order to drive branch traffic and augment the branch experience.

KBC - Smart Marketing

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