Global Marketing Trends 2022

Thriving through customer centricity 

In an increasingly complex world, brands have to rethink the way they engage with their customers. From purpose-driven marketing to integrated creative teams, we let you in on the strategies and secrets of high-growth organisations in the 2022 Global Marketing Trends Report.

We surveyed leaders and consumers around the globe and discovered the seven trends that make high-growth brands thrive. Together, these trends highlight that marketing is a powerful force for growth in designing customer experiences that foster trust and meet human needs. 

Purpose—a beacon for growth

How brands can gain a competitive advantage through an authentic purpose


Cut through the noise and resonate with customers by making a holistic commitment to purpose. See how high-growth brands gain a competitive advantage through a holistic purpose. 

Authentically inclusive marketing

Winning future customers with diversity, equity, and inclusion


Consumers shop more with brands that make a commitment to addressing social inequalities. Winning over your future customer takes a commitment to DEI both in front of and behind the camera. 

Inclusive marketing

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Building the intelligent creative engine

How unconventional talent strategies connect marketing to the customer


A majority of the university-educated workforce shifted to remote work during the pandemic. Marketers can integrate this new talent pool to fill skill gaps, bring in more diverse thought, and get geographically closer to their business partners. 

Creative engine

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Meeting customers in a cookieless world

How growth leaders are rethinking first-party data strategies


Growth leaders are rethinking customer marketing and data strategy in a rapidly changing digital world that will increasingly shift to first-party data strategies. 

Cookieless world

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Designing a human-first data experience

Interacting with customers—and their data—to foster trust


There’s a delicate balance between being helpful and invasive when it comes to consumer data. For marketers, this means carefully designing data-driven experiences that foster trust and create customer value. 

Human-first data

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Elevating the hybrid experience

Human-centered design for our physical and digital environments


Executives look to hybrid to create more personalisation, innovation, and connection. Consumers, especially younger ones, are interacting with and purchasing from brands on emerging channels. 

Hybrid experience

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Supercharging customer service with AI

Reimagining AI strategies to unlock a true end-to-end customer experience


Brands can combine artificial intelligence and customer service to deliver a true end-to-end experience. 

Customer service with AI

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