COVID-19 Stay-In-Touch Platform

Caring is contagious

As pressure on healthcare systems is rising and social distancing measures are applied worldwide, it is a challenge for public entities (government, city, hospital, …) to “stay-in-touch” with citizens in order to monitor their exposure to COVID-19, better view citizen-relationship, share information, guidance or instructions. Stay-In-Touch is a platform for citizens and public entities for symptoms assessment, health data update and community overview, built on Salesforce by Deloitte Digital.

Purpose & Impact

Stay-in-Touch is a Cloud-based platform for citizens and public entities to assess symptoms, capture remote health data and examine the citizen-relationship. 

FREE for a specified period (conditions apply), it is easy to deploy.

This platform supports public entities to:

  • Predict & adapt to the future evolution of COVID-19 
  • Examine and evaluate the symptoms history of incoming patients
  • Stay in touch with citizens solely in the context of COVID-19 

This platform supports citizens to:

  • Get informed and assess their health against COVID-19
  • Take care of themselves and take care of others by indicating who they were/are in contact with to help reduce the spread of the virus
  • Access the latest official guidance and instructions to stay safe and healthy

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Monitoring citizens at home will improve government’s ability to manage the crisis.

Users & Key features


People with COVID-19 symptoms or members of their network.

A citizen can:

  • Self-assess his/her symptoms against COVID-19
  • Enter real-time updates about his/her evolution
  • Indicate who he/she was/is in contact with

Hospitals & Health care Professionals

Hospital staff, doctors & other health care providers.

A doctor can:

  • Follow-up on his/her patient’s evolution remotely before and after hospitalisation
  • Examine and evaluate the symptoms history of incoming patients
  • Perform contact tracing and rapidly identify emerging COVID-19 patients
  • Identify and triage COVID-19 patients

Public Entities

Government agencies responsible for COVID-19 crisis management.

Leadership can:

  • View dashboards to quickly and easily see trends
  • Share the latest information, guidance and instructions on staying safe and healthy
  • Generate specific campaigns for citizens

In these challenging times, we will win together by taking care of each other. With Stay in Touch, Deloitte Digital and Salesforce provide the ability to : take a Covid19 Self-Assessment, help our community to share who might be at risk and allow professionals to help people in need remotely.



  • Citizens self-assess their current status on the public portal
  • Citizens track the evolution of their symptoms on their personal portal

Contact Tracing

  • Citizens indicate who they were/are in contact with
  • Authorities adapt preventive measures to manage the outbreak

Enhanced Reporting & Dashboards

  • View data visually with graphs for immediate and easy comprehension
  • Able to quickly report to internal and external stakeholders

Rapid Scalability

  • Fast deployment (a couple of days  as we understand the response is urgent)
  • Application can easily be scaled and opened to other organisations/players
  • Additional functionality can be incorporated through rapid deployment as necessary

Free platform

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Use case: Stay-In-Touch in action

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