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We are a multidisciplinary team ready to put you in the driving seat of your digital transformation. By combining our expertise & methodologies in Innovation, Design Thinking, Agile Delivery we will help you imagine, deliver and run digital and physical solutions that your users will love. Excited to start this adventure with us? We are too!

Who we are

At Customer Strategy & Design (part of Deloitte Digital), we combine a multidisciplinary set of profiles and capabilities such as:

Our strategists make sure to understand your positioning as well as your direct & non direct competitors to anticipate your best possible move. They are responsible for identifying new technologies that can both improve & disrupt your business model.

Service designers make sure that they co-create user-centric products & services. They are responsible of conducting both the business & user research through a series of fun and engaging activities in order to make sure that the solutions we design are viable, feasible and desirable.

UX Designer conduct user research to find who your users are, and what they need to make the correct decisions about features on a project. They are responsible for developing the information architecture and interaction design of the identified solution(s) that provide meaningful ways for users to interact with your products and services.

The combination of technology, creativity and business is a good fit. Also, being able to work with so many different profiles from different backgrounds is a good way to challenge yourself and your work.

UI Designers create beautiful and meaningful clickable prototypes based on existing branding guidelines or with a new design system. They are responsible for showing information on different screen sizes in the most user-friendly and intuitive way.

Graphic & motion designers are responsible for creating all your communications related material. From flyers, banners, posters, roll-ups all the way to videos they transform your concepts into beautiful and impactful visuals to help you communicate and reach your target audience.

Communication and marketing strategist create consistency with your brand identity and choose the correct channels to communicate on. They are responsible of elaborating communication plans, developing the content research, providing feedback on the assets and reporting the result to you.

Full stack developers make sure that we implement the user interactions on websites or applications, as well as developing the servers and databases. They are responsible of ensuring cross-platform integrations and optimization for applications.

What we do

At Customer Strategy & Design, we focus on helping you create inclusive & omni-channel experiences your users will love.

We can help you from re-defining your (digital) strategy, identifying innovative opportunities, defining new concepts and solutions, designing and testing them all the way to implementing and communicating about it to your audience.

We are able to do this because we base our approach on Design thinking, Human-centred innovation, and Agile delivery. This allows us to involve the end-user at every step of the process while co-creating with you your future experiences.

Concretely, we start every project by reaching out to users and understanding their needs. They are then involved in the creation of the product by testing the prototype/solution.

We work in Agile Delivery, to fasten your time-to-market (2-9 months). We deliver those end-to-end project thanks to our multidisciplinary team composed of strategic consultants, IT architects, developers, and creative designers.

Here is an overview of our services:

By combining these services together we can help you designing & delivering the following:

  • Web platforms
  • Mobile apps
  • Experiences and applications in augmented, mixed and virtual reality, including digital twins and metaverse
  • Digital signage
  • Marketing & communication campaigns

Excited to start this adventure with us? We are too. Feel free to reach out, we’d be delighted to show you what we can do for you.

Our latest projects

We combine industry intelligence, tech know-how, creativity, and a human-centric mindset to create end-to-end experiences that involve products, services, business models, brands, strategies and many other offerings.


With the aim of significantly reducing traffic and its side-effects, the Brussels Region wanted to develop a policy to change citizens' habits so that they would adopt a more eco-responsible behavior.

To achieve this goal, a solution had to be identified to allow the implementation of both a positive incentive (multi-modal transport encouraged through nudging and gamification techniques) and a negative incentive (smart kilometer charge).

The Brussels Region commissioned Deloitte Digital to carry out strategic guidance and a feasibility analysis followed by the development of Minimum Viable Products (MVP) to be tested with real end users.


The objective of the SmartMove ecosystem is to create a modal shift from vehicle ownership to vehicle usage, decreasing the current ecological, economical and health impact. Deloitte Digital used it's "Digital Studio" approach to provide strategic, technological and user-centric support, as basis for a continuous design and development of several prototypes and "Proof-of-Concepts", to demonstrate the relevance and feasibility of the concepts and the impact on users.

As part of the communication strategy, a website has been designed and developed and a wide-spread communication campaign is in the making, to create awareness and ensure public support and acceptance.


We helped the Brussels Region reach citizens and explain the SmartMove programme through an attractive website and clear content.

The many versions of the mobile native application have been developed to allow for large scale testing and thorough analysis of technical performance, usability and behavioral change. These data insights provide for an improved further roll-out towards the public of SmartMove.


H. Moser & Cie, a luxury watch manufacturer, wanted to create a space in the metaverse to support the launch of their state-of-the art new watch collection in an innovative and revolutionary way. With this new platform, they also wanted to create new touch points with their clients.

This ambition was part of a broader initiative, aimed at exploring a new immersive customer experience by blending both the digital and physical world and offering an innovative new marketing channel. The product that was launched, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Genesis, has a QR code engraved inside the sapphire glass. Once captured through the application, the QR code gives access to the full Web 3.0. experience. From authenticating the ownership of the timepiece to enjoying exclusive digital assets.


Our Belgian Deloitte Digital team has brought the Moser Metaverse to life thanks to the following approach:

  • Select the right metaverse platform to host the brand space.
  • Identify how to translate the brand attributes in the metaverse, which led to a modern Swiss chalet on top of a mountain. The typical landscape of the Swiss Alps, together with the famous Matterhorn and Rhein Waterfalls, served as the amazing surroundings visible from the chalet’s iconic viewpoint. Surrounded by the typical landscape from the Swiss Alps, as well as the Rhein waterfalls (also an iconic viewpoint in front of the client’s manufacture). Sidenote: indeed, virtual spaces allow for some geographical reality tweaks.
  • Conceptualize how brand interactions should happen, how to allocate the areas of the chalet to its objectives in terms of client interactions, as well as press conferences.
  • Design the building, its interior and its surrounding, in an iterative way, until we get the right atmosphere.
  • Optimize the level of details, in order to get the best tradeoff between the quality of the assets and the fluidity of the experience.

Once the chalet was ready, we went through many iterations of user testing to increase the user-friendliness of the space on computer, smartphone and VR-headsets.

You can visit the results, the Moser Lounge that hosted the press conferences and allows new visitors to discover the brand and its collections.

We also provided strategic guidance and support from the concept to the launch event, in close collaboration with our colleagues from Deloitte Switzerland who took care of the creation of a whole ecosystem of partners (Salesforce for the digital asset, Zurich insurance for the watch insurance, Aura Consortium blockchain Consortium for the proof of authenticity and CrossMint for the wallet).


  • Deloitte Digital used its "Digital Studio" approach to provide strategic, technological and user-centric support, followed by the development of the space in 3D and its delivery in the metaverse.
  • This project is a real pioneer in building new immersive customer experience.
  • This project allows cost reduction and extra audience reach compared to physical events, while conveying the brand values in an immersive context and sustaining customer intimacy.



With the opening of a new outpatient hospital facility in the heart of Brussels, Clinic Sint-Jean seized the opportunity to redesign and digitalize its patients’ journey on the premises.

They opted for a digital omni-channel approach and invested in multiple solutions to empower both staff and visitors. This on-site patient experience is powered by interactive self-registration kiosks, an intelligent digital signage network, smart queuing management and a flexible consultation booth booking system.

Our mission was to design, build and connect all these different systems to take patients digitally by the hand and offer them with a seamless visitor experience, while maximizing the efficiency of its internal processes and increase the hospital overall revenues.


Deloitte Digital was responsible for the overall program management, the custom development of kiosk and mobile patient-facing interfaces, the coordination with third party contractors and the data-orchestration with legacy systems.

We designed and built the different systems below:

  • A self-registration kiosk, using this application, patients can now skip lines, securely check-in and pre-pay for their appointments.
  • A consultation box booking system, to maximize the occupancy rate of consultation booth and increase the clinic’s revenue.
  • A data orchestration layer, “CliniHUB”, to make the link with various internal legacy- and external 3rd party data systems.


  • Accessible and transparent proactive exchange of information with patients in multiple languages
  • Two-year global program management and multi-stakeholder coordination
  • Data interoperability layer connected to 8 different data systems
  • Reduced administrative workload, economies of scale and maximization of box allocation occupancy
  • Monitoring of all the digital touchpoints and tracking of KPIs
  • Minimization of Box Allocation Occupancy


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