Customer Strategy & Design

We are a bold and innovative part of Deloitte. We infuse creative thinking into everything we do in order to challenge expectations and solve the right problems for our clients and their customers. Using cutting-edge approaches embedded with industry experience, we help companies navigate the digital world with deep customer understanding, new business models, end-to-end digital strategies, and the design and development of products and services that delight users.

We deliver end-to-end digital services tailored to the needs of businesses and their customers.

Our focus on Human Experience transforms the way businesses perceive and interact with their customers. Think of it as adding emotional intelligence to the data-driven insights that inform your customer strategies. We use this emotional intelligence to create human-centred products, services and experiences that engage and excite customers, whether on-screen, virtually or in person.

Our team of digital strategists, designers and developers will work with you, using a combination of data and design to imagine, deliver and run new offerings.

Depending on your goals and ambitions, we can help you at different stages of your digital transformation journey:

Digital Strategy and Disruptive Innovation

We can accompany you from the definition of your digital strategy to the design and implementation of minimum viable products, such as web sites, web app, native apps, interactive kiosks, digital walls, etc

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Incremental Innovation

Because the focus can very often shift to another project once an MVP is launched, that 20% of missing functionality might never be implemented. This means your solution may never expand to include new features or reach new target groups. We can therefore accompany you after the launch of a digital solution on to the market, operating, improving and scaling it.

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Philippe  Delhez

Philippe  Delhez

Customer Strategy & Design Leader

Philippe  Delhez has over 13 years of digital experience in different areas such as interactive user experience, product innovation, content - software solutions with many industry leaders and governm... More