Will your cookies crumble and impact your marketing?

Navigate through 3rd party cookies phase out

More than 80% of the 3rd party cookies will disappear by late 2023 and this will highly impact some areas of the marketing and advertising space.

Are you ready for this change?

At Deloitte we want to support our clients navigate through this transition of moving away from the 3rd party cookies. We can help you understand how will this change impact your business specifically and how can you get prepared to mitigate the impact.

Download the full article to learn more about the 3rd party cookies phase out and what is our approach to getting prepared for this transition.

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Kathleen Peeters

Kathleen Peeters

Marketing & Commerce Leader

Kathleen leads the Marketing and Commerce Offering within Deloitte Digital. Her professional motivation consists in helping companies leverage the full potential of their business by making meaningful... More