Cracking the code: How CIOs are redefining mentorship to advance diversity and inclusion

CIO Insider

CIOs are increasingly turning to forms of mentorship to help attract, promote, and retain women in the workplace. An effective mentorship and sponsorship approach can also help CIOs eventually win the IT talent war.

Many CIOs have found that attracting, retaining, and promoting IT professionals with diverse backgrounds and perspectives is easier said than done. To meet this challenge, many leading CIOs are increasingly deploying one particularly promising tactic: mentoring. Research shows women and underrepresented minorities who have an effective mentor—not only at work but also in early education—are more likely to enter and stay in tech-related careers. Given its promise, how are CIOs encouraging and promoting mentorship within their organizations, and what should they consider as they think about mentorship and sponsorship for the IT workforce?

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