Reconciling SAP's robustness with Qlikview's agility

How can you combine the reliability and robustness of SAP processes with the agility offered by Business Intelligence applications like QlikView? In this article we discuss how this setup can add value for your company.

The challenge of combining top-of-the-class ERP with agile BI

More than ever, business stakeholders rely on information to enable sound decision making that is fact based, truthful and that relies on appropriate and structured information. Insight that delivers immediate value to the bottom line is a dream come true.
Traditionally, companies invest considerably in building reliable enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. They rely on them in order to run their business and acquire valuable knowledge. Unfortunately, this robustness delivered by these ERP systems may not satisfy the hunger for knowledge of the information consumer.
In this article we discuss how you could combine the reliability of SAP processes with the agility that QlikView provides. How can this setup add value to your bottom line?

Deloitte's approach

Deloitte has implemented several solutions in various functional domains: QlikView on top of SAP to enable Tax Analytics, Internal Control Monitoring, Working Capital Reduction and Supply Chain Reporting.

To give an example about Supply Chain Reporting using QlikView and SAP, Deloitte was recently hired in order to solve a supply challenge. The customer was suffering from a lack of visibility on some critical parts of the flow. The report enabled the client to save money by providing insight into which products were being unnecessarily discarded and when products were encountering an expiration risk.

How did we do that? Some technical "plumbing" was required, using our SAP experts and QlikView experts. Qlik, the company behind the QlikView tool, has developed a connector that plugs it on top of SAP. This connector allows the creation of a coherent and robust data management flow based on SAP and preserves the associative power and discovery features of QlikView.

Want to know more?

Deloitte offers various services that complement each other:

  • Advise: how to integrate QlikView with SAP and how to position it with existing BI tools such as Business Objects
  • Implement: we deliver custom solutions or standard Deloitte Analytical Applications
  • Operate: we can host QlikView solutions in our secure private cloud datacentre
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