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Smarter workflows lead to value-creating outcomes and a better future for everyone. Re-architect work with Deloitte and ServiceNow.

About our alliance

Together, we can create a better future for everyone

The concept of ‘work’ has radically changed. Digitization has become the reality. Your ecosystems of customers, employees and partners are connected virtually. To thrive, they need smart, agile and effective workflows at the core.

Tomorrow’s leading organizations aren’t just automating their existing workflows. They are rethinking the way people work; they are reimagining the experiences they are delivering; and they are fundamentally reinventing the relationship between smart workflows and value-creating outcomes.

Deloitte and ServiceNow solutions

Deloitte, together with the power of ServiceNow’s technology, gives your organization the critical tools to absorb today’s continuous flow of disruptions. With a platform built for speed, proven experience driving change across stakeholders, and a commitment to be one step ahead, Deloitte and ServiceNow unite technology and human capabilities in a way that no one else can.

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Historically, organizations have been adding technology to the
workplace, but have not stopped to look at the work itself. 2020 was a year of
not only extraordinary disruption, but extraordinary resilience with a high
increase in productivity as well. But if we don’t look at work itself, the
question will raise: “how can we sustain this productivity?” Reaching the
answer will require thinking about work differently, starting with a focus on
the humans who do the work. The workforce is more than just an enabler of
organization needs, it is a source of value and meaning. More than ever, the
workforce needs to be treated as a distinct path to expanded productivity. We
need to shift work from a traditional process to a humanized flow. Work is no
longer static and process-driven, but a fluid, constantly-evolving effort that
requires us to rethink what we should be doing and how we should be doing it.

ServiceNow ‘Employee Workflows’ solutions helps our organizations to put work itself at the center. How employees work and collaborate together, where they want, to improve productivity and agility. HR Service Delivery, Workplace Delivery, Safe Workplace and Legal Service Delivery are all products within the platform that offer a seamless and differentiating experience to your employees. Deloitte optimizes business outcomes by leveraging ServiceNow as an end-to-end digital workflow platform. We don’t just implement ServiceNow to automate your current processes—we reimagine how work gets done, delivering material improvements in revenue and cost reduction while optimizing the employee experience. Deloitte has also built a ServiceNow accelerator in order to help our clients in a fast and efficient way.


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Deloitte is a ServiceNow Global Elite Partner and was awarded three global award recognitions at ServiceNow’s Global Digital Partner Awards:

• 2021 Global Transformation Partner of the Year

• 2021 Global Employee Workflow Partner of the Year

• 2021 Global Industry Solutions – Financial services Partner of the Year

These awards recognize the achievements of best-in-class partners who have contributed to ServiceNow’s growth through transformative practices in business, technology and customer success.

Visit our global website for more information on Deloitte’s award-winning alliance with ServiceNow.

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