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Performance management. Planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Consolidation. Cost and profitability management. Capabilities in these areas can serve as a catalyst to the finance organization—but they can just as easily keep it stuck in the same old ruts if not managed properly. Clients tap our business finance offerings to realize specific business objectives through these areas and more.

About Business Finance & Analytics

We help our clients to empower the finance function and to think through their financial processes and solutions in several critical domains, such as planning, budgeting and forecasting, management and financial reporting, close and consolidation, and costing and profitability. We help streamline the end-to-end process and support the design and implementation of best-in-class solutions that are ready to allow the finance community to act as strategic business partners and key contributors to the firm’s performance and future.

Our Enterprise Performance Management approach helps and enables companies not only to monitor their business and to track and analyze current results, but also to manage future plans and forecasts. Deloitte’s Business Finance & Analytics framework is built to combine Organization, Governance, Information, Systems, Policy and Processes as enablers and building blocks of your Performance Management setup. The EPM framework also relies on four simple principles, acting together in a continuous and iterative cycle: Strategy definition, Planning & Execution, Monitoring and Reporting and Intervention.

We have developed our Business Finance and Analytics offering around four crucial elements within the Enterprise Performance Management cycle:

  1. Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. One of the biggest objectives thereby is the ability to efficiently and effectively translate strategy into long-term plans, mid-term budgets and short-term forecasts, in order to make sure that strategic objectives are met, and financial targets are reached. We fully believe in an integrated and connected approach, where financial and operational planning are combined and tackled through an ecosystem of shared solutions fostering cross-functional collaboration. 
  2. We support our clients on any kind of costing and profitability management challenges, helping them to fully understand the impact of key cost and revenue / margin drivers, but also the ability to manage, control and predict future behavior. By keeping costing and profitability on his agenda, the CFO keeps an eye on the value creation.
  3. Our finance team also provides close and consolidation services to our clients. We help clients to find the optimal and efficient way to consolidate financial figures based on the organization structure and setup, taking into consideration related and applicable regulation (IFRS, etc.) as well as intercompany transactions, internal cash-flows, etc. 
  4. Equally important is the ability to correctly analyze and report past performance and financial results. Financial and Management Reporting must be ensured properly across the organization at every level in order to ensure the meaningful information can be shared. Through experience and expertise within our team, but also through the wider and international network, we deliver tailor-made reporting solutions for each client and business where we analyze the choice of meaningful KPIs, the reliability of data, the governance and levels of accountability, the type of reports (executive, managerial, operational, legal, etc.), etc.

Our world is constantly changing and evolving, and we strongly believe it’s vital the finance function is continuously looking to fine-tune internal ways of working, or to improve the processes and systems that support the core activities, allowing them to be a trustworthy partner to the business. For us as a professional services company and your partner in all of this, this means we strongly believe in close collaborations and flexible project setups by embracing things like design thinking, human centered design and the Agile project methodology. We also are on top of the latest trends and technologies (e.g. AI/ML, data analytics, …), have developed strong partnerships and alliances with key software vendors such as SAP and Anaplan, and invest in building assets and solutions that can act as enabler or kick starter to your projects.

Finally, in a world that is constantly changing and facing the impacts of climate change, value creation is not only measured in financial metrics but also through environmental, social and governance (ESG) metrics linked to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All organizations need to plan on how to deal with environmental, social and governance challenges and embed ESG reporting into their (financial) reporting cycles. Our Sustainable Performance Management offering provides to our clients a framework and structural tools that allow to target, plan, measure and report in all areas of sustainability (e.g. Carbon Emissions, Smart Agriculture, Water stewardship). So that sustainability processes, governance, tools and reporting become embedded across the entire organization.

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