ECM for Human Resources

HR poses some very specific challenges for Enterprise Content Management. As a multi-disciplinary service provider, Deloitte can combine its strengths in Human Capital Management and Technology to strengthen the ECM capabilities of your HR department.

HR service delivery model - Technology enablers

Managing employee files in SAP

If your company is using SAP, chances are that employee data is also managed in SAP. It offers an extensive framework in which data is only available to those requiring access. While this secure framework also offers opportunities for managing employee documents, many companies still use paper archives or unsecure shared drives for document storage.

Deloitte can help you make the changes required to digitalize employee files, enabling storage and retrieval of the documents in HR processes while increasing security and compliance.

Built-in storage functionalities in SAP, like ArchiveLink, can limit access to documents, but a missing link in these solutions is the secure retention and disposition of employee documents. OpenText Employee File Management for SAP Solutions (EFM) is specifically designed to cover these requirements, but it also allows for process improvements: EFM integrates in SAP HCM and connects to popular solutions like SuccessFactors and Adobe HCM Processes & Forms.

Read more about managing employee files in SAP in this article.

Optimizing your HR portal

When an employee is looking for HR related information, their first reflex might be to send a mail or call someone in the HR team. This leads to unwanted disruptions and possibly inconsistent information shared with the employees.

Deloitte's approach to address this issue consists of 3 steps:

  • Centralize all HR information in a content management system: this way, there is always just 1 version of the truth. Version management makes sure that all links always point to the most up to date version of the information, and approval workflows can help in publishing only approved policies & communications.
  • Create info sheets per subject: these pages give context about the subject and include links to the forms, policies, intranet sites or external resources. All info sheets are structured similarly to enhance usability.
  • Bundle subjects per topic on a dashboard: this is the entry point for the employee: topics include Life events, Career, Pay & Benefits, Health, Learning, etc. Each topic includes 5-10 links to the related subjects.

Thanks to our unique combination of HR and ECM knowledge, we can help your company to transform the end-to-end process of how HR information is published to your employees.

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