Implement & Test

From requirement definition to full on implementation, Deloitte offers end-to-end IoT development possibilities to build and improve custom IoT solutions. Our experience allows us to go narrow and wide on development and design needs for your future or existing application(s).

Deloitte offers end-to-end IoT platform implement & test services tailored for industrial environments.
These include:

  • ​Requirements definition​
  • Configuration​
  • Architecture/design​
  • Development​
  • Testing​
  • App & device integration
  • Ongoing support​
  • Risk assessment
  • Security implementation services (i.e., network assessment, identity management, access control, policy & compliance).​

We accelerate client time to value using a portfolio of ​IoT-specific assets, including: pre-built solutions, reference architectures, custom widgets, code repositories, our Think Big. Start Small. Scale Fast. Approach and our IoT Project Delivery Playbook. Our playbook provides Agile tools, assets and embeds best practices/standards into our implementation of projects. ​

Additionally, we collaborate with our international ecosystem on every engagement. Multiple CoEs (Center of excellence) across the company allow us to stay on top of the latest technological, analytical, security and project management trends. Our solutions are therefore built on industrially-sound platforms and are designed to scale (e.g. across production lines, factories, etc.) in a secure and efficient manner.

Our practice is divided into four co-operating blocks which allow us to develop more specific industry related expertise and accelerate our client’s progress. These blocks are:

  • Connected Manufacturing
  • Connected Logistics and Distribution and Connected Mobility
  • Connected Infrastructure (including utilities)
  • Connected Health

The team contains a blend of different international profiles with varied professional and educational backgrounds. More functional profiles bring project management, shop floor experience and industrial sector/process experience. Technical profiles are platform certified and bring all around development and feasibility expertise to solution design.

While our experience covers a variety of different platforms and IoT solutions, our team focuses on key partnerships with some of the main platform providers. These providers offer well balanced, competitive, complete and secure solutions which we can tailor to the majority of industry needs.


Tim Paridaens

Tim Paridaens


Tim Paridaens is Partner within Deloitte Consulting with extensive experience in large scale technology-enabled business process transformation and has specialized in I4.0, (Industrial) Internet of Th... More