Reimagine Global Trade with Deloitte’s Kinetic Customs & Trade Compliance Platform

A Deloitte Cloud Solution powered by SAP technology

Over the past decades our world has become increasingly globalized. This trend has pushed companies to improve their global trade processes. However during the last couple of years, trade uncertainty has become one of the side-effects of this globalization trend. This uncertainty is illustrated by examples such as Brexit, global trade wars and COVID-19, to name a few.

The unique Kinetic Customs Compliance Platform developed by Deloitte’s Global Trade Centre of Excellence team, gives the opportunity to both large and medium-sized companies to optimize their Global Trade processing.

In order for companies to be able to conduct their global trade processes in this dynamic global environment, the Deloitte SAP GTS team has developed a Kinetic Customs Compliance Platform. This platform is offered as a SaaS solution and is powered by SAP technology. It’s design is based on following key principles:

  • Security - Build by experts of the Deloitte Global Trade Centre of Excellence Team, in close collaboration with key market players, enabled the development of a secure and robust platform.
  • Flexibility - As the cloud solution is offered as a SaaS, it allows for a flexible “pay as you use” model.
  • Connectivity - The solution is made to be dynamic and durable, to ensure this, the platform can be connected to both SAP and Non-SAP systems.
  • Versatility - Global Trade entails various processes, the platform is designed to enable multiple functionalities, these functionalities are included but not limited to:
    • Compliance Management
    • Customs Management
    • Preference Management

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Key contacts

Yannick Jacques

Yannick Jacques

Belgium Enterprise Technology & Performance Leader

Yannick Jacques is a Partner and is leading the Deloitte Belgium and NSE Enterprise Technology & Performance Portfolio. He is also the Global Leader of the SAP GTS practice. He is dedicated to the imp... More

Nick Moris

Nick Moris

Enterprise Technology and Performance | SAP

Nick is a partner in the Consulting practice. Nick focuses on support and advice regarding global trade solutions and has built-up a lot of expertise regarding SAP (including SAP GTS, SAP Foreign Trad... More