Logistics & Distribution

As intricate as a spider’s web, logistics and distribution networks are highly complex, making the movement of products and materials from point to point on a global scale a significant challenge for many companies.

The world of logistics is continuously changing in order to align capabilities with the needs of customers around the world. Deloitte’s Logistics & Distribution practice works with organizations to determine the most effective strategy and practices for moving the required product to the required place at the required time.

Our services span from strategy definition, to design and implementation. Throughout your transformation, our team supports in the transition towards the envisioned end state. We help address issues such as distribution network strategy, logistics outsourcing strategy, sourcing of third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, logistics operating model, transport optimization, warehouse design and operations, order to invoice process optimization and logistics systems.

Logistics & Distribution: Revenue driver or necessary evil?

Change is all around us, but how does it impact logistics? Which questions are keeping our clients awake at night, and which trends do we observe that affect the core of many companies’ logistics operations? The logistics of the future is customer-centric, flexible, sustainable, cost-effective and global, increasingly enabled by new digital opportunities. Read more about this in this extract and reveal Deloitte’s vision on the future of logistics, and how we are helping our clients to navigate this increasingly complex matter by putting the client at the heart of our methodologies and technology as disruptive enabler to create Digital Supply Networks.

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Bottom-line benefits

We help develop our clients benefits such as:

  • Reduced distribution and transportation costs
  • Enhanced end-to-end supply chain visibility from logistics and transportation costs to goods in transit
  • Logistics and distribution process optimization
  • Understanding of customer needs through voice of the customer analysis
  • Deep understanding of cost to serve and all cost drivers
  • Selection of the most fit for purpose logistic system

Deloitte's Logistics and Distribution offering includes following services:

Deloitte’s Logistics and Distribution offering includes following 9 subofferings:

  • Distribution network optimization
  • Logistics (out)soucing and partnering
  • Logistics diagnostics
  • Transport optimization
  • Warehouse design & operations
  • Logistics operation model
  • Sustainable logistics
  • Order-to-invoice optimization
  • Logistics system

Topics in the spotlight

Omni-channel point of view 3 – Personalised fulfillment

Flexible and personalized fulfillment is one of the key challenges organizations face in responding to the increase in direct-to-customer and/or online demand, and the growing channel disparity well beyond own company boundaries. This third publication in our Omni-Channel Supply Chain Point of View series discusses the fulfillment angle of moving towards an omni-channel supply chain, as one of the five key strategic capabilities to realize this transformation successfully. Read more to find out which role warehouses can and will play in an omni-channel environment and how they add to a company’s value proposition.

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Building your omni-channel journey

Today’s e-commerce landscape is changing rapidly, from the development of digital capabilities to increased customer expectations. Brick-and-click retailers need to find a position originating between pure brick-and-mortar and pure digital, while competitors originating from both sides are moving to the center.

Getting to true omni-channel fulfilment requires you to think big, start small and connect now. In this brochure, we focus on how companies can get started on building their omni-channel journey.

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Omnichannel Logistics: The Endless aisle: a key capability  to serve the omni-channel customer

We are witnessing disruptive change in the way we buy and receive products and services. Organizations are facing the challenge to support a new logistics model that goes beyond the traditional linear distribution channels, called omni-channel logistics. In this second white paper in larger series on Omnichannel logistics, we focus on the challenges and solutions for inventory management.

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Logistiek in de Voedingssector

Customer preferences are changing tremendously which requires food companies to have an adaptive and flexible logistics network. Logistics are no longer perceived as merely a cost center or utility but as a key strategic differentiator that can set companies apart from their competition. Overall 3 major accelerating drivers of change are impacting the food industry: Dining habits, convenience and demography

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Supply Chain Network Design

No network lasts forever. Maintaining a status quo in the distribution setup is not a profitable option. Supply chain network design is the essential strategic option to overcome future challenges. Deloitte’s EMEA Center of Excellence in SCND is located in Belgium leveraging project experiences at many clients across various industries.

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Paul Delesalle

Paul Delesalle

Partner | EMEA Supply Chain & Network Operations Lead

Paul has over 20 years of supply chain consulting experience and is leading the Belgian and EMEA Supply Chain & Operations practice. He helps clients leverage supply chain as a source of competitive a... More