DELTI 2014 - Deloitte Technology Innovation event

The connected human being

DELTI 2014 will bring you local and international case studies and presentations from eminent speakers in both the business and technology area. They will explore how innovative technologies and social media are reshaping the way companies communicate and collaborate with their ‘connected’ employees, partners and customers.

Today, few companies can ignore that approximately two billion people around the world are using the internet for communications, information and commerce. We are clearly in the Digital Age. But what’s next? While consumers constantly need more powerful devices and applications, the business world is seeking more cost-effective technologies to cope with the increasingly complex challenges of connecting with these consumers. As systems and devices become smarter and more inter-connected, this creates opportunities for companies to explore its impact on the ‘connected’ human being.

The event aims to offer CIOs and other CxOs the opportunity to reflect on how they can integrate technology innovations in their respective organisations.