Customer Relationship Management

Technology is a key enabler to become a truly customer focused company

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) offering helps you to design, plan, execute and adopt digital transformation programmes in order to connect with your customers and deliver real tangible benefits.

The Challenge

The landscape in which your organization acts has changed significantly over the last few decades. National and continental borders have faded and competition has expanded to globalized markets. In this changing environment, finding and acquiring new customers while retaining and maximizing relationships with existing ones is an ongoing challenge for business. Therefore it is crucial to have efficient and effective solutions to monitor your Sales, Service & Marketing functions.

Customer relationship management (CRM) provides customer-focused solutions to solve these challenges. CRM technology facilitates improved understanding of customer needs and helps ensure that these needs are better met. CRM also allows organizations to increase their customer base by recognizing and targeting the right customers.

Yet experience shows that CRM’s value as a technology-only process can be limited. Organizations can only realize the full potential of CRM when it’s implemented as part of a broad integrated strategy. Deloitte Digital’s CRM teams bring together our customer-centric advisory services and our extensive experience implementing sophisticated CRM technological solutions to provide enhanced customer interactions.

Deloitte Digital’s Project Approach

We apply SCRUM on most of our implementation projects. This Agile method facilitates an early visibility of the project achievements and enables to mitigate risks. Moreover, this approach enhances the collaboration between Deloitte and your company to help us fully understand your needs and expectations. As a result, our methodology builds sustainability, reduces risk and drives business value, adaptability and visibility. However, we also deliver projects in a Waterfall or Hybrid approach and define together with our clients which approach is best fit for their needs.  

"Our Agile methodology builds sustainability, reduces risk and drives business value, adaptability and visibility."

Deloitte As One Approach

In case your challenges focus on different business functions, Deloitte will be able to help you through close collaboration between our 4 lines of expertise – Strategy & Operations, Human Capital, Technology and Innovation. Our combination of competencies will bring you comprehensive, complementary and integrated solutions to successfully analyse, advise, manage and execute any of your projects from start to end.

Why Deloitte Digital?

Deloitte Digital’s world-class capability and agile methodology help our clients tackle their most complex challenges one bite at a time, delivering value fast. We have professionals with deep industry insight, proven customer solutions experience and Salesforce know-how who deliver the most inventive and complex projects around the world.

Deloitte Digital & Salesforce Key Facts & Figures

  • Global Salesforce delivery capability (2.800 professionals in 28 countries, 100+ in Benelux)
  • 800+ implementations around the world
  • Mature offshore and onshore Deloitte-owned facilities in Europe, the U.S. and India working on and projects, with a large team of dedicated and advanced certified (401 and 501)
  • Highest SI satisfaction score 9.9/10 on more than 800+ implementations, measured by Salesforce and published on their website
  • Recognized by Gartner in the Magic Quadrant for CRM Service Providers and by IDC for implementations
  • Deloitte Digital has unmatched project accelerators from prebuild vertical solutions to agile project tools
  • Deloitte Digital is also the official training partner in Benelux, delivering all standard training for Admins, Consultants and Developers