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Deloitte Digital’s accelerator for insurance

FastConnect for cloud, mobile, and industry

Deloitte Digital’s FastConnect offering, created for sales, marketing, and servicing teams within the insurance industry, is designed to accelerate your customer success and bring increased account insight and activity efficiency to its users.

The global insurance industry is going through intense changes & disruptions

The Insurance industry today is facing significant challenges and changes to the market. The shift in consumer behavior is placing new demands on providers. Customers are expecting their relationship with their insurer to be personal, two-way and accessible. The explosion of digital platforms is forcing an intelligence-driven business and tailored customer experiences in real time.

To address these current industry challenges, Deloitte has developed FastConnect. FastConnect is a pre-configured solution built on the platform that incorporates leading practices established from years of experience working with the insurance industry. The accelerator has been developed to provide frontline sales and service staff with the tools they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience throughout the customer lifecycle. Is built in self-service modules provide customers with the tools and resources they need to quickly resolve non-technical enquires. It integrates interaction channels, such as mobile applications, customer portals, broker / partner portals and will support your employees in order to make them able to serve your customers in a personalized and efficient way.

By using mobile, cloud, social, and analytics capabilities, today’s insurance leaders can improve revenues and customer satisfaction as well as underwriting performance, operational efficiency and indemnity spend.

FastConnect in a nutshell

FastConnect is a pre-designed template for the insurance industry, designed for marketing, sales, and servicing teams. It helps sales agents have meaningful conversations with clients, offer timely service, and solicit feedback through satisfaction surveys to continuously improve performance.

The real-time interaction manager provides a 360 view of each account so the sales agent knows the best action to take to meet each client’s specific needs. Using FastConnect, the agent is able to present interactive insurance solutions during meetings and share quotes on the customer portal instantly.

FastConnect integrates with phone systems, allowing servicing teams to connect with customers quickly. Using mobile apps, customers can enter claims directly from their smartphones and contact service agents for assistance. Customers can also use the secure portal to check the status of claims online.

Deloitte FastConnect

Expected Business Benefits

  • Accelerated solution deployment so you can start seeing the benefits promptly.
  • Operational efficiency that are built into the pre-configured workflows.
  • Access to role-based functionality for functions such as underwriting, policy administration, sales, marketing, and more.
  • Avoiding additional software license fees since the pre-configured solution is part of Deloitte Digital’s consulting services.
  • Increased customer loyalty through social engagement.
  • More proactive sales opportunities and brand management through social listening.

Faster time-to-value with FastConnect, a pre-configured solution built by Deloitte on technology.

FastConnect industry dimensions

Distribution – Enables end-to-end sales processes, including lead, opportunity and contract management and supports the daily tasks of your sales employees with client dashboards and route planners.

Customers & Assets – Customer self-service portals and mobile apps enable your customers to choose how they want to interact with you.

Employees & Partners –Supporting and encouraging collaboration with internal employees and external partners can help drive sales revenues. Employees and Partners can work together to identify and close new business opportunities much more effectively.

Marketing & Product – Includes features to manage your marketing and promotion activities, such as management of campaigns and events, monitoring of the social media and management of loyalty programs.

Underwriting & Contract – Improve the management and efficiency of underwriting cases by using a rule-based approach to work allocation

Claims Servicing – Enables you to manage your claims, including mobile applications for your service employees and the management of your service partners with ratings and geolocalization solutions.

Customer ServiceFastConnect gives you the capabilities to provide a seamless omnichannel customer experience. The application can integrate to the systems that underpin your channel experiences. Customers can raise an issue on the web, via an app or over a voice channel and switch between them as necessary.

Mobile – Application for sales and service employees, including the capturing of images of damages, daily routes planning, interactive product libraries and following-up on new opportunities from virtually anywhere. Increase customer experience with mobile apps, such as on the spot car accident apps, including claim declaration, capture of pictures and call for assistance.

Accelerating processes to improve operational efficiency

FastConnect is designed to integrate workflows for gathering customer data, creating quotes and getting underwriting approval. Whether customers initiate a request for quote online or call in to a contact center, the customer data gathered during this phase is used to automatically populate the appropriate fields within the quote and underwriting approval processes. Information is maintained electronically and new business opportunities are automatically routed to the right people throughout the organisation to avoid delays. This can lead to operational efficiencies in the areas of new business development, application submission, underwriting, and issuing of new policies.

Delivering a tailored product

Whilst the industry faces similar challenges, we know our clients have individual needs and priorities. FastConnect is a flexible and adaptable product that can easily be configured to ensure a tailored fit. Our consultants will work with you to identify which capabilities are required and priorities delivery accordingly. Using our insurance specific capability frameworks we can accelerate this process and help you move quickly into implementation.

The Deloitte and advantage

Deloitte Digital’s practice has access to an unmatched range of services for consulting, financial advisory, digital and risk management on a global basis. Combining our industry knowledge and our experience in delivering complex implementations, Deloitte Digital is well placed to help you quickly see a return on your investment. Our implementation approach (built on agile principles) enables our clients to realize benefits quickly by focusing on rapid development of high-value capabilities. We understand that a successful implementation is more than just delivering the technology, this is why we also work with our clients to embed the right service philosophies and deliver tailored training programs to enable employees.