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Since 1989, Deloitte’s Global SAP practice has delivered award-winning levels of service to help global organizations transform their businesses and achieve results that matter. With more than 16,000 business and technology practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions in our global network, we have served more than 3,500 clients, assisting them in their journey to implement SAP solutions effectively and to realize potential business value from those investments. We offer a complete range of implementation, integration, and alignment services—from business case and strategy development to systems design to configuration, testing, deployment, and post-implementation support. To help our clients jump-start their transformations, we leverage an array of replicable, SAP HANA-based preconfigured solutions, for both on-premises and cloud-based initiatives.

We believe that SAP implementations are not just about technology. They also represent opportunities to transform your business and to do something new—to innovate, to grow, to excel. SAP implementations offer a chance to streamline your business, increase organizational efficiencies, improve customer engagement, and unlock new value in the supply chain. Each day across the globe and across all industries, we are busy deploying the latest SAP offerings, including SAP S/4HANA, to support real-time data access and analytics, enabling organizations to evolve their existing business processes and adopt new processes that can support the future of business. Whether you want to simplify finance functions, provide an ERP foundation for core business requirements, or support growth by upgrading SAP systems and related business processes, we can help you achieve results that matter—while minimizing risk and positioning your organization to excel in the evolving digital business landscape.

SAP® S/4HANA + Deloitte: The clarity you seek, the value you need

The evolving vision of business is one in which our hyperconnected and data-rich world can become simpler. It’s a vision in which all stakeholders travel a common digital path that traverses all business functions—with actionable insights, intuitive interfaces, and connectivity that spans from cloud infrastructures to handheld mobile technologies. As a digital core platform, SAP® S/4HANA helps enable that vision. But getting the value you need from SAP S/4HANA requires deep knowledge and strategy—on the business front as well as the technology front. Learn what it takes to unlock value with SAP S/4HANA. Visit our page for more information on SAP S/4 HANA. 

Deloitte & SAP

EMEA Centres of Excellence

The SAP GTS (Global Trade Services) CoE

In a world where borders continue to disappear, a structured, reliable and efficient approach to global trade management has become increasingly important to many multi-national companies.

The EMEA Center of Excellence (CoE) for SAP Global Trade Services is a specialist team that advises companies in the deployment of SAP GTS in response to their cross border trade management requirements, which include:

  • Customs management
  • Compliance management
  • Trade preference management

Visit the GTS CoE webpage and download the brochure


In recent decades, businesses have experienced exponential growth in the volume of both the structured and the unstructured content they manage -documents, e-mails, social data and more.

This change requires a transformation of business processes to digital, scalable solutions. However, few companies have the systems and processes in place to store, access and extract value from their unstructured content.

Find out more on our webpage or download our brochure.


EMEA CoE OpenText

SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

In today’s competitive market, where customers expect products to be delivered in hours rather than days, often with customer specific labeling or packaging, warehouse managers suffer to efficiently organize their operations and workforce.

This context requires a transformation of supply chain applications to address complex warehouse processes and functions. Few companies have the systems in place to provide enhanced visibility and planning capabilities to improve warehouse efficiency. Find out more on our webpage.

Efficiently balance workload variability in your warehouse with Labour Management in SAP EWM.

Every warehouse manager, whether working for an ice-cream producer, a sunglass manufacturer or any other company, is aware of the workload variation in the warehouse. Many managers wonder how to accommodate this workload variability. Knowing upfront what workload is expected and balancing the resources accordingly are imperative to control this variability. Furthermore, it is important to track the actual performance of resources to be able to act proactively in case of deviations from the initial plan.

Deloitte Lab for SAP S/4HANA® Finance

Visualize goals.
Explore possibilities.
Transform your business.

With the finance organization under increasing pressure to deliver value and make sense of growing mounds of data, getting a clear vision of where you need to go can prove difficult. We can help. Our lab for SAP S/4HANA® Finance provides finance and technology executives an opportunity to engage with Deloitte problem-solvers to address specific finance issues and start working toward value.

Access the dedicated page
Deloitte Lab for SAP S/4HANA Finance

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Marc Jordens

Marc Jordens

Partner | Consulting

Marc has more than 17 years of experience in SAP-enabled global and pan-European business transformation programs. His areas of expertise are centered around Order Management, Distribution Requirement... More

Yannick Jacques

Yannick Jacques

Partner | Consulting | SAP Lead

Yannick is leading the SAP practice in Belgium. Yannick is experienced in the management of multi-disciplinary teams and projects.  He uses his significant supply chain knowledge to optimise global tr... More

Marc Mertens

Marc Mertens

Partner | Consulting

Marc has 19 years of experience helping clients transform their business. He has a broad experience in finance and the back-office functions in general. Marc is responsible for the VAR (SAP reselling)... More