Deloitte Analytics Lab

People Analytics

A recent Harvard Business Review indicated that up to 70% of the total cost in an organization can be assigned to people. Based on our Deloitte Human Capital study in the autumn of 2014, the topics ranked as highest on the agenda of the CHRO, are leadership, talent management and employee engagement. No surprise that management analytics, engagement analytics, recruitment analytics, safety analytics and performance analytics solutions are in high demand at companies already redefining their business of tomorrow.

High-Impact Solutions

Our People Analytics Solutions provides High Impact for specific Business needs within a Business Transformation process. The goal is to enable the CHRO to redefine the business from a people and data perspective.

The Deloitte Analytics solutions are created and shared within the Deloitte Global communities that focus on specific business needs. For Strategic Workforce Planning there are Analytics Solutions based on the different business needs, starting from a strategic headcount simulation, going as far as a semi-operational talent recruitment dashboard based on the organizational business drivers and the industry it operates in.

The Deloitte High-Impact People Analytics Solutions ensure a Deloitte Quality standard due to the involvement of the Deloitte Global People Analytics Communities. Deliverables are presented upfront, and the analytics methodologies are aligned throughout the Deloitte Global network.