Henk Hemelaere

Partner, Deloitte Accountancy

Henk Hemelaere

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Partner since 2004, Henk is the national leader of Tax and Legal Services of Deloitte Accountancy, employing over 120 professionals advising SMEs and family owned businesses. Initially he started as an accountant with Deloitte, before joining the Tax & Legal service line. Currently, Henk is a trusted advisor of a variety of family owned businesses, mainly active in manufacturing, construction & real estate and food industry. He gained extensive experience in accountancy and in tax structuring. Henk is also a member of the IAB (Instituut voor Accountants and Belastingsconsulenten). Furthermore, Henk is editor-in-chief of the biannual magazine Dialogue and other Deloitte Fiduciaire related publications.

Henk Hemelaere