Patrick Wauters

Director | Strategy, Analytics and M and A

Patrick Wauters

Luchthaven Brussel Nationaal 1 J




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Patrick is a director in Deloitte’s European public policy services. He started his career as a manager for the Flemish government, working in the field of social employment, social entrepreneurship, education and training for disadvantaged groups. He joined Ernst & Young Consulting and later Deloitte Consulting. Patrick assisted the Flemish government in setting up the one-stop shops for employment and social services. He carried out different studies for the European Commission on employment and social affairs policy. Together with his colleagues, he currently leads the work Deloitte is carrying out for DG Employment on EURES, the EU labour mobility programme. He also overviews the MoveS project, a European Commission (DG EMPL) funded network of independent experts in the fields of free movement of workers (FMW) and social security coordination (SSC).

Patrick Wauters