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Multinational organisations need legal advisors who can assist with day-to-day activities as well as corporate life events across many jurisdictions.


Commercial law solutions

Companies face increasing business challenges globally including more rigorous regulations & enforcement by local authorities in the countries where they operate. As experienced advisers with a practical focus, Laga lawyers can help clients meet these challenges & develop commercial solutions.


Corporate and mergers and acquisitions solutions

Laga provides a full range of corporate law services from complex advisory services related to major business life events (including advising in restructuring and mergers and acquisitions processes) through to general secretarial services.


Employment and pension solutions

Laga provides businesses with the advice they need to make informed decisions, comply with a multitude of regulatory and procedural requirements and minimize their exposure as the result of a conflict (including litigation if appropriate).


Legal newsletter

Stay ahead of the latest legal developments.


Upcoming events

Join our seminars, webcasts or legal dbriefs to gain insight on key legal trends and critical issues affecting your business operations.


A comparative look at dismissal costs and issues across Europe

The International Dismissal Survey compares dismissal legislation in 31 countries.


Tax controversy solutions

Laga offers both domestic and multinational companies controversy assistance.

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Legal services in Belgium

In Belgium, the law firm Laga (Laga C.V./C.V.B.A.) and Deloitte Belgium Tax (Deloitte Belastingconsulenten B.V./C.V.B.A.) entered into a privileged multidisciplinary cost-sharing agreement.