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Deloitte’s Strategy practice uses cutting-edge approaches embedded with deep industry knowledge and experience to develop and execute integrated, tailored strategies to meet the future with confidence.

Thriving in an ecosystem world



Innovation, transformation, and leadership in your market. Learn about Deloitte’s consulting services.


Strategy & Operations

Connecting strategy to operations, delivering lasting impact. Learn more about Deloitte’s services.


Strategy Consulting

Deloitte’s Strategy practice helps the most influential organizations around the world generate measurable outcomes by making winning choices on their most significant strategic issues.


Corporate and business unit strategy

Deloitte's Corporate and Business Unit Strategy consultants help the largest and most innovative companies define their strategic direction and make key decisions, both at the level of the whole corporation and for specific business units or geographies. 


Customer and marketing strategy

Want to grow your business? Start by growing your customer base and increasing its loyalty. Monitor Deloitte’s Customer and Marketing Strategy team helps organizations achieve this type of organic, customer-centered growth.


Pricing Strategy

Effectively balancing price and profit is one of the most enduring challenges in business.


Post merger integration

Achieve corporate vision and derive optimal value from transactions by providing best-in-class support for integration strategy, planning and execution 



Whether discovering the next big thing or expanding on what’s come before, businesses thrive and grow from innovation. 


Strategy and Policy Services

Effective policy making must be a learning process which involves finding out from experience what works and what does not work - and making sure that others can benefit from the lessons learned. 


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Pricing in the Chemical Industry

Boost your pricing power: How to optimize your pricing journey?


Shaping a Risk Intelligent strategy

This whitepaper proposes a simple yet powerful framework for challenging deeply held assumptions to test – and, ultimately, strengthen – an enterprise’s strategy.


Exploring Strategic Risk

Strategic risks – those that affect or are created by business strategy decisions – are critical to the growth and performance of your business.