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Награда 2013 SAP Pinnacle

Партньор на годината

В наши дни, понятията „сътрудничество“ и „партньорство“ са може би едни от най-често използваните в бизнеса. Но, когато става въпрос за наистина работещо сътрудничество Делойт и SAP са постигнали нещо наистина специално. Тази награда само го потвърждава.

What does success in collaboration really look like?  For SAP, the answer is clear.  

Each year the company evaluates its collaborations on four categories:  Co-innovation, market expansion, service delivery and sustainability.  For insights on these key pieces of the partnership puzzle, they solicited input from their own customers and field leaders, and analyzed key performance indicators. And in the end, Deloitte won.  

That’s a big vote of confidence in a partnership that has stood the test of time. Just as important, it’s a key to the future of our shared success on behalf of clients. 

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