“My Future Colleagues” Project

In the age of technology, professions around the world are changing and evolving faster than we can imagine. That is why the need to acquire and improve our skills is increasing. According to research, we will soon be as good as the skills we possess. But what are they and how can we be sure that we are moving at the right pace?

Deloitte's My Future Colleagues project aims to introduce and present to students important trends in the modern labour market. In an environment where new skills are emerging as quickly as others are disappearing, it is not people's current knowledge that is increasingly important to employers, but their ability to learn and develop. That is why with the project "My future colleagues" we strive to contribute to the future career orientation of pupils and students, focusing on:

  • What does it mean to be an employee of a large international company? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being part of a professional services company?
  • How do taxes, accounting, auditing, law and finance work and why do they exist at all? What are the most important skills we need to have in order to perform our duties properly?
  • How can we be competitive in a changing work environment?

Eleventh-graders from the National Trade and Banking High School, who took part in the first edition of the project, visited the office of Deloitte Bulgaria. The purpose of the meeting with our future colleagues was to inform them what we do at Deloitte and what skills are needed to practice our professions (and also the professions of the future). While they were with us, the students had the opportunity to get into the auditor's shoes by making a real inventory and examining three important items in a company's financial statements. In addition, they were managers of „Тhe coolest factory” AD and managed to buy „Тhe Old Factory“ AD at a very reasonable price, referring to a consulting report.

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