Webinar: Introduction to cloud based core banking systems

How new cloud based core banking systems can help to reduce time-to-market for new banking products

Free on-line seminar: 15 December 2021, 15:00-16:00

Cloud Core Banking Academy #1

Increasing number of challenger banks and Fintechs, makes it even more imperative to launch new banking products fast or adjust existing products to evolving customer needs. In this introductory Webinar we will consider how new cloud native core banking systems can help to address these challenges. We will discuss the following topics:

  • Market changes and relation between financial performance and digital maturity.
  • New trends and new players in the core banking systems market.
  • Why more and more banks consider launching new products or building spin-offs using new cloud based cores?
  • How new cloud based cores can help to reduce time-to-market?
  • How to approach such implementation? What is the cost and timeline?
    Challenges related to migration to cloud.



Hristina Toteva


This webinar could be interesting to:

  • CIOs/CTOs
  • Business line managers 

Participation in the event is free. The meeting will be held in English.

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