Global Chief Audit Executive Survey 2018  

The innovation imperative: Forging Internal Audit's path to greater impact and influence

Companies in every industry are innovating, but in many cases, the Internal Audit function historically hasn’t been keeping pace.

Deloitte’s global survey report, The innovation imperative: Forging Internal Audit’s path to greater impact and influence, explores the current state of Internal Audit functions worldwide, focusing on those with the greatest impact and influence within their broader organization.

Our survey findings indicate progress over the last two years in the extent to which CAEs perceive their functions to have impact and influence. But a deeper look reveals significant need—and opportunity—for Internal Audit groups to embrace innovation to meet the evolving needs of the organization and deliver more value.

The report discusses:

  • Key survey findings regarding the current state of Internal Audit functions in nearly a dozen critical areas, including Cyber Risk, Analytics, Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Agile Internal Audit.
  • What the functions with high impact and influence are doing in each of these areas
  • Key considerations to become more innovative and, as a result, more impactful and influential within the organization

High-impact functions are embracing new approaches to Internal Audit work and to how they serve their stakeholders. They are adopting advanced analytics and new technologies. They are broadening their services into areas such as culture assessments, and they are addressing talent issues through alternative resourcing models. In sum, they are doing things differently, innovating along the way.

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