Deloitte Snowball Programme 2022

A programme for new audit joiners, where experience grows faster than a rolling snowball

Every year, we organize Graduate Recruitment Campaign named Snowball in Audit, to give last-year students and recent graduates the chance to join our team and start their career.

Starting practice without knowledge of theory may easily become a nightmare. At Deloitte we know this. That is why we have our "Snowball" custom-tailored training programme for our new colleagues, during which they can learn everything that fresh auditors cannot go without.

Many tech hacks, knowledge of accounting and audit methodology and their application in practice are waiting for you!

Exceptional experience, based on real scenarios and high professional practical cases – this is our "Snowball" training. During the programme, you become part of a series of simulation games in a dynamic environment. The programme is conducted by the best Audit & Assurance specialists of Deloitte Bulgaria. You will acquire invaluable knowledge and skills necessary for the career start of each auditor.

During your professional development at Deloitte, you will also receive financial support for acquiring the prestigious ACA (ICAEW) qualification, as well as an individual plan for successfully passing the series of exams.

Our Audit and Assurance team consists of around 70 employees. Many of them were, not so long ago, just like you - looking for a job and wishing to start their careers at Deloitte.

You are one step closer to making a great career move.

Pursue your dreams!

Come and meet us!

Selection process in Graduate Recruitment Campaign at Deloitte Bulgaria:

  1. Submitting your CV
    All you have to do is to visit our Career opportunities website, select the open position and upload your CV.

  2. Screening
    Your application will be reviewed by the HR professionals and if it matches the criteria for those positions, you will be contacted as soon as possible.

  3. Meet our HR and Audit professionals 😊

  4. Become the best you can be – we will help you!


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