Compliance 2025

DNA evolution in the Financial Services Industry

The period following the 2007 financial crisis has had a profound impact on financial services institutions and their compliance functions in particular. All over the world, regulators recognized the need for stricter standards and introduced binding regulations on both national and international levels. As a natural reaction, compliance functions grew in size with more pronounced headcounts and an expanded mandate within their organizations. 

It is essential for the compliance function to clearly define its role and articulate its vision in a way that resonates with all employees: simplified policies, digital learning, regular communications.

The compliance function of the future will need purposely designed tools and processes, so they can be quickly and efficiently adjusted. This continuous state of change will be at the core of the new compliance operating model where a comprehensive and dynamic set of risk controls will enable the pro‑active identification of issues and their timely resolution


Dimitrios Goranitis
Central Europe Financial Services Risk Advisory Leader,
Deloitte Central Europe

Pavlina Ralcheva
Senior Manager, Financial Services,
Deloitte Bulgaria

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