Living one year with GDPR

Practitioner perspectives

This report by Deloitte Legal Central Europe has been prepared on the occasion of one year of the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Our experts share their observations on the practice accumulated so far in a number of European countries - Bulgaria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Lithuania, the Czech Republic and Croatia.

Do you know that:

• The largest number of complaints concerning violation of GDPR across Central and Eastern Europe was submitted in Poland (approximately 4000). In Bulgaria they were over 780 for 2018.

• The largest GDPR fine up to the moment was imposed on Google LLC in France in January 2019. It amounted at 50 million euro and was due to insufficient transparency of personal data processing, insufficient informing of subjects and invalid consents related to the personalization of advertising.

Learn more interesting facts about:

• The controls and fines imposed by the local Data Protection Authorities
• Specific local provisions of law regarding personal data protection
• Personal data violations reported to Data Protection Authorities

Read the whole report “Living one year with GDPR - Practitioner Perspective” available in English.


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