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Recognized global leader in public sector consulting

And as the world’s largest professional advisory firm and the recognized global leader in public sector consulting we can draw on an extensive network of international experts experienced in the financing and management of public investment programs.

Deloitte is able to provide municipal clients with a wide array of ad hoc services related to public investment programs but typically we are asked to assist clients during three distinct phases of the EU funding process: 


This phase focuses on the identification of projects with potential for EU financing and evaluates their eligibility with respect to the technical requirements of the relevant operational program. If deemed eligible, Deloitte will assist clients to prepare an application for submission to the relevant managing authority or its designated representative – usually working to a specific deadline.


Upon approval of the funding application Deloitte works with clients throughout the entire implementation phase of the project providing comprehensive project management services including tender management, control audits and progress monitoring. In addition, Deloitte will liaise with the relevant managing authority to ensure compliance with all reporting procedures.

Ongoing operations

In the post implementation phase Deloitte helps the beneficiary comply with the need to submit ongoing evaluations of the efficacy and durability of the project to the relevant authorities over a fixed (usually 5 year) period of time.


Deloitte’s team of consultants, financial advisors, auditors and tax experts have extensive experience helping hundreds of clients including municipalities successfully obtain and manage EU funds.

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