Climate Risk and Decarbonisation

Accelarating Transformation toward a low-carbon future

The reality of climate change and the decarbonisation imperative create both physical and transition risks for businesses – as well as a wealth of opportunity, to those who can see and seize it. We bring a team of climate scientists, engineers, and experienced industry and finance executives who understand the trade-offs between short-term goals and the long-term needs of the business and can guide you expertly through the practicalities of climate model interpretation and business adaptation.

The heat is being felt across the planet. Now is the time to innovate and implement green initiatives. Our world is demanding it.

Governments around the world are setting increasingly ambitious carbon reduction targets. This, combined with increasing pressure from investors, regulators, governments, consumers and internal stakeholders, has made acting on issues of climate and sustainability an imperative for every organization.
Climate change presents a range of risks for your organization, from disrupted supply chains and higher insurance costs to labor challenges. If we all don’t act, rising temperatures will pose a direct threat to all operations, workforces and workplaces. While it is expected to have a severe impact on business output, it also presents opportunities to innovate and create value in new and diverse ways.

There are ways to mitigate risk and rewrite the future by focusing more on the climate emergency.


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