Deloitte Cyber Risk Capabilities in Bulgaria

Cyber risks represent one of the greatest threats that organisations are currently facing, while a shortage of qualified staff is compounding the challenge. To help fight this threat, Advanced Cyber Security Services have become an effective and highly valued option for companies.

Given that companies cannot prevent all cyber incidents, they need to be secure, vigilant and resilient. Cyberattackers have already breached many organisations without their knowledge. Realistically assessing your organisation’s changing risk profile is therefore critical, to help determine what levels and types of cyber risk are acceptable.

Deloitte’s Cyber Risk professionals  can guide you on that journey, and help you to transform your organisation into a place where risk powers performance.
Adopting this secure, vigilant and resilient approach to cyber is a key step towards helping leaders to continue driving performance in their organisations while staying safe.

Organisation face challenges in terms of:

  • Cyber Strategy
  • Infrastruction protection
  • Application protection
  • Information privacy
  • Information protection

Find out what are the key solutions in the attached file. 


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