Business Governance, Audit and Assurance

Many businesses perform well over short periods, but those that have sustainable high performance are those that have a robust and efficient control environment. So it is hardly surprising that investors and stakeholders are seeking ever more efficient and reliable controls.

Business Process Controls Assurance & Advisory Services

Having a clear view as to the current status of your control environment is vital to demonstrate that mission-critical risks are mitigated to acceptable levels in accordance with the organization’s risk appetite. It is also important to ensure that the control framework that is deployed is cost effective and reliable in addition to guaranteeing efficiency and effectiveness in terms of operational results, segregation-of-duties issues and other pertinent risks.

Our service offering

Robust and efficient control environment for long-term success

  • Controls assessments across key operational and financial processes. This can include benchmarking against leading industry control templates.
  • Design and implementation of control frameworks that are cost effective, robust and reliable.
  • The creation and implementation of Controls Self Assessment (CSA) processes to enable management to measure the control environment on a regular basis.
  • Implementation of monitoring processes (Data Interrogation techniques) to ensure that controls operate as designed.
  • Investigations to assess why controls have failed and to prevent future losses/surprises from occurring.

External Quality Assessment of the Internal Audit Function

Our approach to quality and compliance assessment of the Internal Audit function combines international experience with proven track record of successful expert recommendations for better effectiveness and efficiency with comprehensive understanding of the specific factors, that define internal audit activities in Bulgaria.

  • Self-assessment methodology development
  • Confirmation of self-assessment results
  • Overall external quality assessment

Our approach to quality assessment covers all aspects of the Internal Audit activity and provides recommendations for better quality and compliance:

  • Mandate, Structure, Interaction
  • Personnel and competences model
  • Risk assessment process
  • Planning and execution of activities
  • Reporting and communication
  • Key performance indicators
  • Infrastructure, integration between technology and methodology
  • Compliance with the Standards, Code of Ethics, Statute and other internal documents
  • Benchmarking against leading internal audit practices

Our approach to quality and compliance assessment of the Internal Audit function combines international experience with proven track record of successful expert recommendations for better effectiveness and efficiency with comprehensive understanding of the specific factors, that define internal audit activities in Bulgaria. 

Contract Risk & Compliance

Your Opportunity

More value, less risk

Our Solution

Deloitte’s CRC professionals can help you improve the performance of your company’s business relationships. Specifically, we can help you:

  • Validate reported royalty revenue
  • Verify claims for incentives and marketing funds
  • Improve future revenue streams
  • Enhance partner service levels
  • Identify process-improvement opportunities within your organization and your partners’ organizations
  • Improve overall productivity and profitability of your relationships
  • Assist with design of a license compliance program
  • Assess sufficiency and integrity of internal controls
  • Identify and evaluate key issues that impact your organization’s risk profile, including Sarbanes-Oxley Section 404-related activities.

Our Approach and People - Making It Happen

Our methodologies leverage leading audit skills and deep industry-specific experience. Our approach is non-confrontational, proactive, compliance- and fact-driven and as non-disruptive as possible.

The Deloitte Difference

Our CRC team has extensive experience in designing and performing contract compliance testing. When it comes to improving the performance of your extended enterprise, trust the Contract Risk and Compliance team of Deloitte.

Many companies use providers to develop, manufacture, market, or sell their products. These relationships (which define your “extended enterprise”) create both opportunities and risks. It is imperative that your company has a firm grasp of these risks and at the same time optimize the benefits. Deloitte can help.

Revenue Assurance Services

Our service offering

Robust approach to revenue management to realize maximum value from your revenue chain

  • We define revenue assurance to be any activity an organization does to ensure that processes, practices and procedures maximize revenues. We work with clients to assess, design, implement and operate revenue assurance. We have partnered with technology vendors to deliver the most comprehensive suite of revenue assurance services available on the market.
  • Using our proven Revenue Management Process Framework supported by our comprehensive Revenue Assurance Diagnostic Tool we can rapidly assess your current revenue processes, controls and organization. We can then perform targeted assessments of revenue sources to identify improvement opportunities and benchmark your organization against other companies in your sector. Thus we can help you design and implement revenue assurance as an integral part to your business processes, systems and organizational structure.

Good revenue management is essential for survival in the current environment. The companies that have implemented effective revenue assurance processes and controls see an immediate impact on profitability, reaching 10% up in some instances. 

Internal Audit

Our team of experts has broad practical experience:

In the area of internal audit:

  • Status, structure and management of the internal audit function
  • Planning, execution and reporting of the results of internal audit engagements
  • Development and application of methodology
  • Compliance assessment (e.g. SOX and other) 

In the area of risk management and internal control: 

  • Processes and control points mapping and analysis
  • Risk identification and assessment 
  • Design and implementation of a control framework
  • Development of internal policies, procedures, controls and reporting systems

In all major business processes and systems:

  • Revenue, expenditure, fixed assets, procurement, finance, marketing, human resources, ERP systems, accounting systems, etc. 

Our services:


  • Planning, execution and reporting of internal audit engagements on major business process and IT systems (Outsourcing, co-sourcing and lend-staff agreements) 

Risk-based internal audit planning

  • Business process risks identification and assessment and development of risk-based long-term strategy and annual audit plan 

Consulting, methodological assistance and training

  • Development of Internal Audit Statute and Manual
  • Development of internal control assessment and testing methodology, working paper and report templates
  • Tailor-made trainings and workshops that fit your needs 

Corporate Governance Advisory

  • Consulting boards of directors
  • Assessment and benchmarking of board practices
  • Assessment and implementation of systems of risk and control
  • Implementation of ethics and compliance programs

We have one goal: At the end of each engagement, our clients should have better understanding of risks and control environment and greater confidence in their management regardless of the type of internal audit service provided