Crisis Helpdesk 4U will answer your tax and legal questions regarding the declared state of emergency

The Corona virus (COVID-19) crisis is posing significant challenges to many organisations and brings a flow of new rules and uncertainties for your business. We can imagine that you have and (will have) a lot of questions, like:

  • When should I file my corporate tax returns or personal income tax return?
  • Can the employer unilaterally provide paid or unpaid leave to the employees?
  • Am I obliged to work from home if my employer asks me to do so?
  •  Is it possible to terminate my supply contract due to the State of Emergency?
  •  What kind of financial support is provided in the new legislation?
  • Can I liquidate my company since it becomes unprofitable?
  • Is the term for payment of garbage collection charge prolonged?
  • Are tax audits and tax inspections suspended?
  • Etc.

The tsunami of news and information on the (social) media is not always clear and sometimes even contradictory.  

Deloitte Bulgaria, therefore, initiates a 4U Crisis Helpdesk. Our purpose is to help you find the answer of tax and legal  issues, regarding the emergency measures, which directly impact your business.  

We do not have the pretention to have readymade answers on all your questions, but we will do our best to be as practical as possible and be there for you in this crisis period.  

Please, send your questions to 

Deloitte’ tax and legal experts will provide you with support as fast as possible. They may also give you a call to answer your questions. If you prefer this option, please leave us a telephone number on which you can be contacted. 

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