Cyber Heroes Corporate Responsibility Program

Navigate safely the digital landscape

About the Program

Cyber Heroes program is a Deloitte Middle East Corporate Responsibility signature program that aims to equip school students across the Middle East region with crucial knowledge and skills needed to navigate the digital landscape safely. The program, designed by Deloitte’s Cyber professionals, empowers students to protect their personal information, understand the consequences of online actions, and mitigate potential cyber threats in an increasingly interconnected world. 

Awareness sessions tailored to different age groups will be delivered by Deloitte professionals, conveying key messages related to cyber awareness and online safety in an interactive and engaging way. 

   Target Groups



For maximum engagement, sessions are delivered in an interactive way, leveraging age-appropriate games, role-play, debates, etc. 

Sessions can be delivered both physically & remotely. 


   Topics Covered

  • Cyberbullying
  • Online safety basics
  • Fundamentals of cybersecurity
  • Social engineering  
  • Identity theft 
  • Cybersecurity as a career    

To learn more or schedule a session in your school, please reach out to Deloitte Middle East’s CR&S team at:   

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