Financial Crime

The financial services sector is facing a constantly increasing challenge to its security. Threats come from all directions, including:

  • Tightening regulation
  • Customers’ growing demands for integrity in firms’ financial dealings
  • Increasing criminal sophistication

Financial institutions need to demonstrate compliance with numerous, frequently changing, complex and interconnected financial crime regulations and for their senior management to effectively manage the risks to which the institutions are exposed. Now, more than ever, expert advice can best prepare firms to not only weather the storm, but tame it.

How we can help

We can help with expert solutions for the current top five financial crime threats:

  • Anti-money laundering
    Uncover the technology and data challenges that organisations face.
  • Anti-bribery & corruption
    Identify bribery and corruption risks in the organisation, design and implement controls, and respond to potential violations.
  • eCrime prevention
    Understand the threats of online and mobile channels.
  • Integrated financial crime
    Learn how data can help organisations join the dots.
  • Sanctions
    Keeping efficiency and effectiveness at the heart of sanctions compliance.

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Neil Hargreaves

Neil Hargreaves

Partner | Forensic

Neil is based in Saudi Arabia and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in the Middle East, having previously been a Partner with Deloitte in the UK. He is a Forensic Accountant with over 30 years of exp... More

Muzammil Ebrahim

Muzammil Ebrahim

Partner | Head of Financial Crime & Data Analytics

Muzzi is a Partner in Deloitte Middle East's Forensic team, leading the Financial Crime and Data Analytics practices. He is a seasoned practitioner with an emphasis in market leading services to suppo... More