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Our team of professionals help clients to act quickly and confidently with regulatory concerns and actions, as well as sensitive internal investigations into fraud, corruption, and misconduct. Our global network allows us to combine an understanding of local business cultures with regulatory issues to find a path to a successful resolution. We leave you better-prepared to protect your assets and reputation.

Our multilingual team provide client support in both English and Arabic in addition to other languages. Our professionals based in the Middle East have extensive experience in forensic accounting investigations and deep knowledge in helping organizations identify key business conduct risks; such as those relating to violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”) and international trade sanctions. Our dedicated team are also experts in working collaboratively with compliance and internal audit personnel to optimise our forensic efforts, whether reactive (investigations) or proactive (advisory and diligence support).

Saudi Regional Office

Core to our growing practice in the MENA region is our Saudi Arabia-based investigations team. Managing projects across the Kingdom, our team of locally based experts provide a complete suite of service offerings with the added value of embedded local knowledge of the Saudi Arabian market place. Our highly skilled team are licensed both locally and internationally and have an excellent track record of managing Arabic and English language investigations and cross-border disputes with an acute understanding of the cultural and dialectal nuances in Saudi Arabia.

In line with our regional headquarters in Dubai, the Saudi Arabia office offering include fraud investigations and forensic accounting, regulatory investigations, diligence and remediation, fraud and corruption advisory and trade and economic sanctions compliance and investigations. Our experts are also certified and able to attend and present cases across Saudi’s regional courts on these matters.

A full-service investigations practice

Our forensic team in the Middle East comprises the full suite of talent required to address the breadth and depth of fraud and financial crime cases, ranging from small employee misappropriations to large, complex, multi-year and multi-jurisdictional schemes.  Our team consists of over 50 specialists- who are qualified accountants certified in financial forensics, certified fraud examiners, business intelligence professionals, and computer forensics specialists.

Our experience includes some of the largest and most high-profile fraud cases in the Middle East.  We regularly deploy all of our resources and analytical tools to support our clients and their legal advisors throughout the life-cycle of investigations, including:

  • Forensic imaging of computers, file servers, and communication devices, as well as inventory, scanning and conversion of relevant hardcopy documents
  • Extraction, hosting, and searching/reviewing structured and unstructured data in Arabic, English, and other relevant languages
  • Fact-finding interviews of whistleblowers, witnesses, and suspects
  • Forensic accounting and investigative procedures
  • Tracing and recovering misappropriated assets
  • Preparing and submitting evidence and findings to courts and regulators
  • Assisting with legal proceedings through discovery and disclosure, expert witnesses, and other support

Support in investigating and remediating key business conduct risks

Drawing on the international expertise of our Middle East-based forensic specialists, we offer extensive multi-disciplinary experience in investigation and remediation around a broad range of compliance-related matters, including:

  • FCPA and corruption;
  • Trade sanctions compliance;
  • Accounting and financial reporting fraud;
  • Other business conduct violations including competition and collusion, environmental breaches, supply chain integrity, and intellectual property;
  • Pre and post-acquisition business conduct due diligence for M&A transactions;
  • Proactive “Distributor Audits” and local operations reviews/monitoring; and
  • Business intelligence and related integrity due-diligence services

Our local team are supplemented by the experienced specialists within the global Deloitte network, which include individuals with first-hand experience in government regulations such as former government prosecutors and regulatory enforcement officers.

An integrated approach to fraud control

Board directors and senior management of corporations are responsible for taking steps to deter, detect, and prevent fraud.

Our integrated approach to fraud control helps clients understand their organisation's susceptibility to fraud risk, identify high-risk areas, develop a fraud control plan to address those areas at critical risk, monitor the ongoing effectiveness of fraud risk mitigation, and respond to actual instances of fraud.

We work with clients to conduct Fraud Risk Assessments and Fraud Scenario Assessments to identify key vulnerabilities, as well as advise on practical approaches to remedy any observed gaps.

Trade sanctions compliance and investigations in a high-risk region

The Middle East is home to a number of sanctioned countries, regimes, and organisations while at the same time ranking as an important international trading and distribution hub. Businesses operating here face heightened risk of violations of key international trade and economic sanctions if they are not careful about trading activity directly and indirectly through third party distributors.

Working closely with international specialists from Deloitte’s Global Trade Compliance team, we can assist you to design, implement, review, enhance, and monitor trade sanctions detection and compliance programmes, as well as deploying sophisticated data analytics and on-the-ground resources to investigate allegations and potential violations.

An independent whistleblowing and reporting service for employees to raise concerns, without fear of retaliation

Knowledge is the best tool to combat fraud risks, and a whistle-blowing hotline remains the single best detection mechanism for occupational fraud.

Tip-offs Anonymous provides live disclosure support through our more than 50 dedicated Deloitte call centre operators and analysts. We provide this service 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.

Our Tip-offs Anonymous team are proud to service more than 400 corporate and public sector clients in over 100 countries across the globe. We currently process information in over 20 languages and via a range of reporting channels, turning tip-offs into actionable information. Our readily available team welcome any geographic or language challenge presented to us.

We also offer a bespoke web-enabled Case Management System, which integrates, directly with our Tip-offs service, offering you ready access to reports and statistical data and the ability to load, store and manage matters from tip-off to prosecution.

With best practice operating standards and ISO 9001:2015 accreditation, this cost-effective, subscription-based service is a recognized leader in the industry in Africa and across the globe.

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Neil Hargreaves

Neil Hargreaves

Partner | Forensic

Neil is based in Saudi Arabia and leads Deloitte’s Forensic practice in the Middle East, having previously been a Partner with Deloitte in the UK. He is a Forensic Accountant with over 30 years of exp... More

Rana Shashaa

Rana Shashaa

Partner | Forensic

Rana is a Partner in Deloitte's Forensic practice specialised in leading large and complex investigations throughout the Middle East, both for public and private sector bodies as well as Dispute Servi... More

Collin W. Keeney

Collin W. Keeney

Partner | Forensic

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Rana Shashaa

Rana Shashaa

Partner | Forensic

Rana is a Partner in Deloitte's Forensic practice specialised in leading large and complex investigations throughout the Middle East, both for public and private sector bodies as well as Dispute Servi... More