Responsible investment

New thinking for financing renewable energy

An increasing emphasis on energy efficiency has given rise to a new way of thinking in relation to alternative energy sources. Both regulatory regimes and financial institutions have taken steps to address opportunities and challenges to finance the renewable energy industries. The study assesses the value proposition of Islamic Finance as an alternative financing mode to sustainable energy projects in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

The study examines the energy regulatory framework in eight countries and looks at the renewable energy initiatives and government support in these countries. The report also assesses the size and patterns of investment projects in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Malaysia, Turkey, Kazakhstan and the UK.

Following are the three broad game-changers identified in the report for Islamic Finance to tap into the emerging real economy sector opportunities.

  • Policy development and regulation.
  • Innovative Islamic financing.
  • Government support and awareness.

If you would like to order hard copies of the publication, please connect with Sajida Ali. Also, if you would like to discuss any specific practice area, please feel free to contact Hatim El Tahir.

Responsible investment: New thinking for financing renewable energy
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