LS&HC Predictions 2020


Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020

A bold future?

November 2014

The Deloitte Center for Health Solutions has revealed a bold vision for the Healthcare and Life Sciences sector in 2020. The report, which launched at the 2014 FT Global Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Conference, sets out ten provocative predictions for 2020.

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Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020 is based on an observation of trends, events, and bold steps that, if accelerated over the next five years and beyond, will paint a picture of a very different world in 2020. The report aims to challenge assumptions and provide thought-provoking visions to enable you to have rich dialogue within your organization about future scenarios and how best to respond.

The predictions share a number of common themes, including shifting industry priorities, diminishing geographic boundaries, the evolution of an informed health consumer and, most noticeably, how technology is going to be a game-changer over the next five years.

The ten predictions for 2020

  1. Health consumers in 2020
    Informed and demanding patients are now partners in their own healthcare
  2. Health care delivery systems in 2020
    The era of digitized medicine—new business models drive new ideas
  3. Wearables and mHealth applications in 2020
    Measuring quality of life not just clinical indicators
  4. Big Data in 2020
    Health data is pervasive—requiring new tools and provider models
  5. Regulation in 2020
    Regulations reflect the convergence of technology and science
  6. Research and Development in 2020
    The networked laboratory—partnerships and big data amidst new scrutiny
  7. The pharmaceutical commercial model in 2020
    Local is important but with a shift from volume to value
  8. The pharmaceutical enterprise configuration - the back office in 2020
    Single, global, and responsible for insight enablement
  9. New business models in emerging markets in 2020
    Still emerging, but full of creativity for the world
  10. Impact of behaviors on corporate reputation in 2020
    A new dawn of trust
Healthcare and Life Sciences Predictions 2020
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