MENA Sovereign Wealth Funds

Deloitte’s Sovereign Wealth Fund teams support the Sovereign Wealth Funds across the MENA region, bringing a mix of local relationships, regional knowledge and global expertise, whilst connected to both the Deloitte Global Sovereign Wealth Fund network and the wider Deloitte Global network.

Sovereign Wealth Funds are complex operations requiring global resources and
capabilities from strategy, investments through operations and portfolio
management, this requires Deloitte to bring together professionals with
diverse experience to bring customized solutions meeting the individual client

The MENA team offers a globally integrated approach across all lines of service to both the funds and their various portfolios, bringing the combined knowledge from the Investment Management / Private Equity and the breadth of knowledge from the various industries.

“ Bringing the Global network to the market ”

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Ben Moore

Ben Moore

Partner | Middle East Sovereign Wealth Fund Leader

Ben joined Deloitte in 1992 and in 2008 transferred from the UK to the Middle East where he led the Valuation & Modelling team for nearly 13 years, driving the business to record levels of growth. Ben... More

James Hewitt

James Hewitt

Director | Global Sovereign Wealth Fund

James joined Deloitte in 2019 as a member of the Global Sovereign Wealth Fund team, dedicated to working with MENA SWF clients and bringing the Global network to support ambitions. He has worked with ... More