Middle East Real Estate Predictions


Deloitte’s eighth annual Middle East Real Estate Predictions report explores the future of real estate through machine learning, geospatial analysis, integrated data management and blockchain. These digitalisation themes can support data-led strategies for both the public and private sector. By combining robust market research with sophisticated technologies, decision makers stand to benefit from predictive analytics and effective value creation for their real estate portfolios.

Report summary:

  • To thrive in a disruptive economy, harnessing the exponential power of Artificial Intelligence can help key decision makers gain an advantage by transforming the data analysis process to drive real, tangible outcomes.
  • Developing dynamic 3D models and collaborative data platforms driven by digital innovation and technology can help enhance infrastructure planning, transportation and the utilisation of resources.
  • A review of available data sources, integrated data management and a robust implementation plan can support timely access to data and predictive capabilities during the real estate development process.
  • Fractional ownership of real estate, powered by blockchain technology, can turn properties liquid and tradable among a more diverse pool of investors.

If you would like to discuss the report in more detail, please reach out to Manika Dhama.

Middle East Real Estate Predictions 2022
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