Middle East Future of Cyber

What does the future of Cyber look like in the Middle East?

How do industry leaders in the Middle East safeguard their businesses when it comes to Cybersecurity? Gain valuable insights from Deloitte's survey, enriched by the expertise and insights of our cybersecurity leaders.

In today's rapidly evolving digital world, organizations face a constant barrage of cyber threats. To effectively navigate this ever-changing landscape and safeguard their critical assets, organizations must adopt a proactive and strategic approach to cybersecurity. Here are essential components that organizations should consider when preparing for an evolving Cyber landscape:

  1. Embrace continuous digital transformation and prioritize Cybersecurity throughout their journeys.
  2. Build resilience for disruption by planning for complex events and developing proactive incident response plans.
  3. View Cyber as a business enabler that can bring significant organizational benefits.
  4. Ensure adequate funding for Cybersecurity to support their initiatives and protect critical assets.
  5. Organizations should nurture and attract Cyber talent by training existing talent and actively recruiting top professional

What does the future of Cyber look like in the Middle East?

  • Modernization: 52% of Middle East respondents said that cybersecurity impact s the success of digital transformation to a large extent. 
  • Resilience: 61% of Middle East respondents said that the success of cybersecurity support planning for business disruption to a large extent
  • Business – Driven: 55% of Middle East respondents on average reported positive business and organizational contributions as a result of implementing cybersecurity initiatives. 
  • Funding: 51% of Middle East respondents cite lack of funding as the top challenge for managing cybersecurity when compared to 36% globally. 
  • Talent: 69% of Middle East respondents said that offering training and certification programs is key in engaging, retaining and developing cyber talent. 

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