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COVID-19: Economic effects, the business response

Webinar recording - Session 1

COVID-19 has quickly emerged as the number one risk to global and regional activity. The aim of policymakers will be to prevent an unavoidable short-term knock to growth turning into a more protracted downturn. For businesses, the focus will be on navigating a temporary period of disruption and volatility.

To examine the issues as they have developed and currently stand please join the team of Deloitte Middle East experts on Monday 23 March at 12:00 (GST) for a special regionally-focused webinar. This one hour webcast will cover public health, the economy, financial implications for businesses – and will assess how businesses and organisations can successfully manage the challenges. 

Our speakers are:
  • Ian Stewart, Chief Economist
  • Elsy Dumit, Consulting - Public Health Lead
  • Tariq Ajmal, Risk Advisory Partner - Crisis Management
  • David Stark, Financial Advisory Partner

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