Cyber Identity 

Reducing Risk by Building Trust

Trust is the foundation of all business. But global supply chains, remote work, the Internet of things and e-commerce make it difficult to know exactly who you are dealing with.

Deloitte Cyber begins with a human approach to digital identity. By empowering your people with understanding and connection, we create a culture of safety and privacy. This shared experience promotes trust and moves your business forward with confidence.

Deloitte has more than two decades of identity management experience across industries and offers proven methods that are scalable and adaptable to your specific set of business requirements.

Deloitte Cyber understands your challenges and opportunities. We’ll enable you to protect against risks while enhancing your end-users’ first impression and ongoing experience. 

Effectively managing Digital Identity has enterprise-wide advantages. It enables you to engage with customers in new ways across multiple locations and devices. Automating and simplifying cybersecurity practices through a clear understanding of identity increases collaboration across extended networks, particularly as remote working becomes embedded in our culture. All while you reduce operational risk, create new efficiencies, and build trust…

So, you can evolve to support your changing digital needs. Whatever business you are in.

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Ziad El Haddad

Ziad El Haddad

Partner | Cyber & Technology Risk

During his 14 years tenure, Ziad has provided Cyber and Technology Risk professional services to regional and multinational firms across multiple industries, in particular; Financial Service Instituti... More